What Is Interactive Home Monitoring?

Here at Supreme we consider interactive monitoring to mean “controlling your security system remotely to arm or disarm the burglar alarm, control the locks or lights, and monitor video images using a smartphone, tablet or computer.”

As we settle into fall, now is a good time to step back and review your home’s security system. With interactive monitoring, a homeowner now has the ability to keep tabs on his or her home from anywhere, at any time. In the past, a high-quality security system typically consisted of door and window sensors, along with motion and glass-breakage detectors.

home security monitoring

According to CNBC, theft is the fourth-most-common homeowners insurance claim. It affects approximately one in 215 insured households per year and it ranks among the top five most expensive insurance claims. CNBC reports that from 2010-2014, the average burglary costed a homeowner $3,786.

Burglary-related claims peak during the summer months. According to CNBC, August averages 13 percent more theft-related claims when compared to other months.

“There’s probably a correlation to the fact that people are traveling more,” Scott Humphrey, second vice president of risk control for Travelers, told CNBC.

With interactive monitoring, it’s easier than ever before to increase your home’s security from afar. We have provided brief descriptions of 3 essential elements of an interactive monitoring system below:

Video Surveillance Systems with Remote Access Capabilities

Remote access allows a homeowner to check in on a home from anywhere. With the technology offered by professional security providers, you can use your phone, tablet or laptop to check in on your house. This is the foundation of any interactive monitoring home security system. By implementing a video surveillance system with remote access capabilities into your home, you can put your mind at ease knowing that you have reliable, state-of-the-art equipment watching over your family’s home. View live streaming video of your home, or receive clips and images on demand (like the kids coming home from school), with a professional video surveillance system.

Remote Environment Control

Environmental monitoring complements your home alarm system by providing you with the flexibility your lifestyle demands. Whether you’re away on vacation, or just busy at work, environmental control systems allow you to monitor the environment of your home. In fact, you may never need a house-sitter again with remote environmental monitoring! Control everything from the lights in the dining room to the air conditioning in the bedroom from any location.

Instant Notifications

Modern security and automation systems are capable of producing mobile alerts, in fact, most new systems can send mobile notifications directly to your phone. For example, an interactive monitoring system can be programmed to send alerts when a motion detector is tripped. You could also set up your system to alert you whenever the kids get home for school, or to alert you if they happen to be late.

In summation, in today’s day and age, disregarding interactive monitoring puts you at a security disadvantage. Don’t be the homeowner who waits to invest in a security system after a burglary occurs. Act preemptively and equip your home with a state-of-the art interactive monitoring system in order to protect your family and optimally secure your property.

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