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warehouse securityWarehouses and storage facilities are often targeted by burglars because they are sure to be stocked with valuable items, vulnerable because of their multiple entry points and they tend to experience problems with false alarms. Wende Cambria-Senepole, Vice President of Cambria Automotive Companies (a Supreme customer), explained this problem well in a conversation with us.

“We had a (warehouse) alarm system that was installed by a professional alarm company, however, it just wasn’t working,” she said. “It was going off every other night and it was actually causing us to get robbed because people knew that we’d been having so many false alarms that it wouldn’t like generate much of a response.”

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Supreme prides itself on a strictly in-house team of trained and certified security experts. We’ve got some pretty significant advantages that make us an ideal provider for your warehouse security needs.
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We understand the importance of entrusting your warehouse or storage facility’s security system with a reputable company. In order to give warehouse and storage facility managers the facts about warehouse and storage facility security, we have listed the essential elements of warehouse security below with brief descriptions.

Key Elements of a Warehouse Security System

Every business is different, so the exact system and equipment our security experts will recommend and install for your warehouse will vary. But we have put together a list of standards that we often recommend for our warehouse security clients.

warehouse burglaryBURGLARY & HOLD UP

Supreme offers burglar alarm systems that are custom designed & monitored from our own UL-Listed, CSAA Certified Alarm Monitoring Center. No matter how large or complex your warehouse may be, Supreme can design and build a system to meet your precise needs and requirements. Warehouse managers who rely on Supreme for their security solutions can rely on:

  • Motion detection
  • Perimeter detection
  • Glassbreak detection
  • Video verification
  • Remote notification via email or app

Our expertly installed systems can also be seamlessly integrated into other systems, such as fire and environmental monitoring for maximum safety and security. And that leads up to our next category.

fire security systemFIRE
Supreme makes it possible to protect your business with fire alarm systems and smoke detectors that are integrated into your commercial security system. Fire alarm systems are imperative to the safety and security of a warehouse, especially because warehouses often store flammable, fragile or temperature sensitive items. You can rely on our systems to detect smoke and other hazards early on; alert employees and provide time for evacuation; ensure quick and efficient responses to any emergency and protect life and property. In addition, Supreme’s comprehensive fire systems enhance the security and safety of your employees and business with 24/7 monitoring, fire drill capabilities and testing/inspections.
cctv video securityVIDEO (CCTV)
Warehouse managers can rely on Supreme Security System’s CCTV video surveillance systems and our highly responsive alarm system monitoring. Installing a video system allows you to monitor suspicious activity before it turns into something more. As your organization and security environment grows, our CCTV solutions grow with you and can be integrated with a number of advanced systems – such as access control or intrusion detection – for maximum and security. From a single camera to hundreds of cameras, Supreme will help assess your needs and design a system that will keep your employees and your property safe and secure. Supreme can even install a covert video video system for employee surveillance.
Process and environmental monitoring is crucial for maximum protection of sensitive materials and/or operations, and for optimizing performance. At Supreme, our comprehensive range of monitoring capabilities can be integrated with your overall security system. Our systems can detect system compromises or malfunctions; protect people and property; ensure critical operations run smoothly and enable off-site and after-hours monitoring. We can detect fluctuations in temperature, run state, pressure, power, flood detection and gas leaks.

Electronic access control technology is ideal for permitting and restricting access to your premises or secured areas within the premises. In addition to being easy to use, access control systems are highly sophisticated and can be integrated into a number of other commercial security solutions, such as CCTV, for maximum effectiveness. At Supreme, we offer the most advanced, scaleable solutions that can control access to either one door or hundreds of doors for thousands of cardholders. With an electronic building access control system, you can:

  • Control access to secured areas
  • Authorize card or key-holders and record entry and exit times
  • Enhance security with individual access controls (such as Photo IDs)
  • Provide auxiliary security in addition to video surveillance or security guards
  • Protect vital computer server rooms from unauthorized access
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