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SupremeConnect App Now Compatible with RING™

Stop Burglars at the Door, Before They Get In with your DMP Virtual KeypadTM App.

SupremeConnect gives customers access to their Ring® Video Doorbell.

When you’re not home, and a stranger rings your doorbell, there’s a good chance that person isn’t welcome. It’s one of burglars’ oldest tricks in fact — they ring your doorbell to make sure you’re not at home before attempting to break in.

To keep them from it, the Ring Video Doorbell gives you 24/7 remote video monitoring at your door. And now, Ring’s Video Doorbell can be integrated with your home’s security system to protect what you value most.


  • See visitors at the door in real time
  • Available on Virtual Keypad Access on Android or iOS
  • No additional service cost
  • Instant mobile alerts when motion is detected
  • Hardwired or Wi-Fi installations
Virtual Keypad

SupremeConnect allows users to remotely control their homes’ lights, thermostats, door locks, appliances, camerasand more along with standard features, such as arming/disarming, checking status, area arming, and output control. Add to that access to customers’ Ring Video Doorbells, all in a single app.

Using the app to access the doorbell is simple — just as simple as it is to control the rest of your home’s security features. When visitors press the doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors, you’ll get an instant alert through Virtual Keypad. Then, you’ll have the ability not only to see and listen, but also to speak to your visitors in real time with your smartphone, tablet and desktop.

It’s just as easy to install. The Ring Video Doorbell comes with a built-in battery, or you can hardwire the Ring doorbell to your existing one.

SupremeConnect for Apple TV

Now Available
for Amazon Alexa

Control your Z-Wave™ devices easily through Alexa phrases!

Virtual Keypad Skill for Amazon Alexa

The Virtual Keypad is now available as an Amazon Alexa skill. Version 1.0 (5/7/17) of this skill is available for download now.


The Virtual Keypad skill for the Amazon Alexa offers a new way for you to arm your system and conveniently control Z-Wave™ devices. All of the available functions and verbal commands are listed below.


The Virtual Keypad skill for the Amazon Alexa offers a new way for you to arm your system and conveniently control Z-Wave™ devices. All of the available functions and verbal commands are listed below.

All arming commands must start with “Alexa, tell Virtual Keypad to…” Then, say one of these phrases to select an arming type:

  • “arm my system home.”
  • “arm my system sleep.”
  • “arm my system away.”
  • “arm my system all.”
  • “arm my system perimeter.”


To activate a favorite, say “Alexa, activate (favorite name).”


To turn Z-Wave lights on or off, say “Alexa, turn on (light name).” or “Alexa, turn off (light name).” You can also dim Z-Wave lights to any percentage by saying “Alexa, turn on (light name) to (percentage).” For example, “Alexa, turn on kitchen light to 50%.”


Z-Wave locks can be locked by saying “Alexa, lock my (lock name).”


To set the temperature using your Amazon Alexa

and a Z-Wave thermostat, say “Alexa, set my temperature to (degree).”

Don’t Have the Apps Yet?

To get the new Virtual Keypad skill for the Amazon Alexa, download the Amazon Alexa App and log in with your Amazon account information.

Then, search for the Virtual Keypad skill and enable it. Use your Virtual Keypad email and password to log in and select the system you would like to control.

SupremeConnect for Apple TV

Now Available
on Apple TV

View cameras, watch pre-recorded clips and activate your Z-Wave Favorites directly from your Apple TV!


Keep an eye on what matters most.

We’re excited to announce that DMP customers can now view their security camera footage through Apple TV (4th generation and newer). Included in the small monthly fee you are already paying, you can now view video footage through the DMP Virtual Keypad App, on your big screen.

SupremeConnect is Now Available for Ring® Video Door Bell, Amazon Alexa® and Apple TV

Already a Virtual Keypad customer?

Here’s how to install the app on Apple TV:

Simply download the app through the App Store on the Apple TV. Open the App Store, and search for “Virtual Keypad’. Once downloaded, log in using your normal Virtual Keypad App credentials.