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Use our new video verification service and take the guesswork out of your alarm system notifications.

The average police response time is 85% faster when responding to a verified security alarm.

How can you optimize your response time? Video verification immediately sends a notification to your phone or device when an alarm is triggered and gives you the ability to view real-time video footage of the alarm that was triggered. After reviewing the video, you can direct what happens next by indicating whether it’s a false alarm or an event that needs immediate attention.

With more cities requiring visual proof before dispatching emergency personnel, video verification is a win-win for businesses and police.

Protect what you’ve worked hard to build. Inquire with us about video verification by requesting a quote at the bottom of this page.

Here’s how our video verification system works:

1. When an alarm is triggered…

When an intrusion device is tripped, a video of the event will be recorded by your system’s security cameras.

2. You receive a notification.

When the alarm is triggered, you’ll get an instant text or email notification. From there, you can view video from your cameras and see what caused the alarm.

3. The monitoring center receives a notification.

Like you, our trained specialists receive a notification that an alarm has been triggered. They will watch the video from your cameras to see if the alarm was set off by something that the authorities need to deal with. If it is, they will notify and dispatch the police.

4. Police arrive faster to your verified alarm or not at all for a false alarm, saving either time or money.

If the alarm was triggered by an intruder, the authorities will be alerted of a video verified alarm and can respond quickly, saving valuable time. Since Supreme has footage of the event, first responders will be better equipped to handle the situation.

But if it turns out that the alarm was triggered by an animal or person who SHOULD be there, you’ll know it was a false alarm and can notify Supreme that no further action needs to be taken.