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Get additional protection for your business with our video alarm verification service SupremeVerify

The average police response time is 85% faster when responding to a verified security alarm. Police arrive on the scene more quickly when an alarm is verified because they know that a crime could be in progress, so they respond accordingly.

A growing number of cities are beginning to actually require visual proof before dispatching emergency personnel, in an effort to cut down on false alarms. When video verification prevents police from responding to a false alarm notification, it is a win-win for businesses and police, because it saves both parties time and money.

In order to provide you with the most efficient and effective alarm systems, we offer our own video verification service, SupremeVerify.

Here’s how SupremeVerify works:


Our stand-alone hardware solution is great for locations that require monitoring but don’t necessarily need high-resolution video recording — places like junkyards, construction sites, and parking lots. Control can be completely wireless with these solutions, eliminating the risk of an intruder damaging your camera’s connection. Radio frequency tends to be limited with hardware solutions, so close-proximity monitoring typically yields the best results.


1. When an alarm is triggered…

When an intrusion device is tripped, a short video clip of the event is recorded and sent to a control panel over a radio feed.

woman using computer

2. Your monitoring station receives a notification.

The control panel transmits the video to your 24/7 professional monitoring station where it is reviewed and verified.

Police Car

3. Law enforcement is dispatched.

Once the alarm is verified by your monitoring station, law enforcement officials are notified. They treat the alarm as a crime-in-progress and respond with priority.


4. Arrests are made.

Faster police response times due to the verified alarm lead to more arrests and reduce losses for your business.


Integrated solutions are ideal for hands-on business owners who want to be informed about any triggered alarms on their property. With a fantastic user app that sends a high-quality video clip of any incidents directly to your phone, you can continuously remain in the loop. It is important to note, however, that to go with an integrated software solution, you must have an existing intrusion alarm.


1. When an alarm is triggered…

When an intrusion device is tripped, a video of the event will be recorded by your system’s security cameras.

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2. You receive a notification.

When the alarm is triggered, you’ll get an instant text or email notification. From there, you can view video from your cameras and see what caused the alarm.

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3. The monitoring center receives a notification.

Like you, our trained specialists receive a notification that an alarm has been triggered. They will watch the video from your cameras to see if the alarm was set off by something that the authorities need to deal with. If it is, they will notify and dispatch the police.

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4. Police arrive faster to your verified alarm or not at all for a false alarm, saving either time or money.

If the alarm was triggered by an intruder, the authorities will be alerted of a video verified alarm and can respond quickly, saving valuable time. Since we have footage of the event, first responders will be better equipped to handle the situation.

But if it turns out that the alarm was triggered by a person authorized to be there, you can notify Supreme that no further action needs to be taken.

Upgrade your current alarm system or use your existing cameras with our video verification services.

Get peace of mind that your home is safe, and should something actually happen, you are likely to receive a quicker response! Get a quote below.