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Jewelry store owners and managers have a big responsibility when it comes to protecting their merchandise, employees and customers. From internal theft to break-ins to environmental disasters, remaining operational and safe is a top priority. Supreme’s security experts have decades of experience– we act as your professional security consultants, performing risk and threat assessment of your premises. With your business security in our capable hands, you’ll be able to focus on management, growth, and on your customers.

Key Elements of a Jewelry Store Security System

Jewelry stores contain high value inventory that usually require specialized security systems for insurance purposes. Supreme employs access control systems, break-glass sensors and panic alarms, CCTV systems and fire alarms configured to your store’s individual needs. We provide around-the-clock monitoring at our UL-listed alarm monitoring center, assuring that you receive immediate response to security threats.

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Convenience Store Security Experts
We know jewelry stores. Supreme prides itself on a strictly in-house team of trained and certified security experts. We’ve got some pretty significant advantages that make us an ideal provider for your convenience store security needs.

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