Video Verification is a security service that allows the security system owner and the provider to verify the validity of a triggered alarm through video surveillance. Video Verification comes in both hardware and software options. With a software option, if an alarm is triggered on your property, you can tap into a real-time video clip from a motion-triggered camera and confirm if the alarm is false or if a break-in is in progress. Your security service provider will receive a notification as well, and can also verify the break-in. With a hardware option, only your service provider will receive a notification. With 94% of alarm calls being false, Video Verification is an incredibly useful service to security system owners and law enforcement officials alike. Below we’ll talk more about false alarms and dive into a few additional benefits Video Verification can provide to your New Jersey Business.


Why Your New Jersey Business Needs Video Verification

Eliminate the Risk of a False Alarm

When it comes to burglar alarm systems, false alarms are a significant burden to law enforcement. Untold costs in terms of man-hours are borne by local, county, and state law enforcement when they are diverted from preventing and solving real crimes when responding to false burglary calls from commercial alarm systems. This burden has become so costly, in fact, that many states, cities, and townships have enacted penalties for false alarm calls. Here in New Jersey, townships like South Brunswick allow for four false alarms, but after that, owners are penalized. For every false alarm call over 4, owners must pay a $50 fine. For every false alarm call over 8, a $150 dollar fine, and for each call over 10, a $500 fine. Some townships are even less lenient. Hampton Township, for example, does not allow for any mistakes, fining owners for their very first false alarm.

This is why Video Verification is so important. When an alarm is triggered on your commercial property, your alarm company can verify whether or not there has actually been a break-in using the captured video clip. If there has indeed been a break-in, they can immediately notify your local law enforcement, but if the alarm is due to weather conditions, animals, user error, or the accidental triggering of motion detectors, your alarm company can notify you, saving you from a potential fine and saving your local law enforcement time.

You can learn more about false alarms here.

Increase Emergency Response Time

Because false alarms are so frequent, law enforcement response times can be significantly lower than usual if an alarm call is not verified. Certain townships have even passed ordinances requiring visual proof of illegal action (broken glass, open door, etc.) before they will dispatch officers. With how much time is wasted dealing with false alarms, these ordinances are justified, but what happens when your business is actually being broken into and you need an immediate response?

Well, with Video Verification, you can be sure that responders will be on the scene quickly in the event of a real break in. Just how quickly? On average, police response times are 85% faster when responding to a verified alarm than to an unverified alarm. So, if you want to make sure your business is safe, Video Verification is the way to go.

Have Evidence for a Legal Case or Insurance Claim

When you have Video Verification, if an alarm is triggered, a video clip of the event will be recorded by your system’s cameras. As we discussed in the introduction to this blog post, whether you have a hardware or software solution, your security company will receive an instant notification and will be able to verify the break-in. This means that you will have hard video evidence and at least one eyewitnesses to the crime.

In the event of a legal case, you should have all the evidence you need to make a conviction. You’ll also be able to easily justify any damage claims to your insurance company. All in all, in the event that a break-in actually occurs at your New Jersey Business, you’ll be prepared to handle the aftermath with Video Verification services.

Protect Employees and Customers

At the end of the day, providing a safe and secure business place for your employees and customers is the most important thing. In addition to reducing risk and increasing response times, Video Verification is key to being able to actually see if someone suspicious or dangerous is trying to break into your business. An alarm can be triggered, but with no visual confirmation of anything being amiss on your property, the most officers can do is have a look around. If they overlook an intruder, your property, and more importantly your employees and customers, could be in danger. The added level of security provided by Video Verification is well worth the cost when it comes to protecting your patrons.

What could Video Verification look like for your business?

If you are interested in Video Verification, we at Supreme Security Systems can help. Since 1929, we have been helping New Jersey business owners keep their businesses safe and secure. While the technology has changed, our dedication and commitment to our clients certainly haven’t. We offer both hardware and software Video Verification options through our SupremeVerify service and can help you find the perfect system and plan for you. You can click here to browse our Video Verification services now, or you can click here to contact us.