Access control
If you’re looking into Access Control for your New Jersey business, you have probably wondered what advantages it has over a typical lock and key system. Will it actually make your business a safer, more secure place? Will it be worth the investment? Doesn’t a locked door provide enough security? In this blog post, we’ll point out a few benefits Access Control can bring to your organization, and discuss how a lock and key measure up.

1. Access Control Eliminates the Risks that Come with Key Loss

If your New Jersey business works with a standard lock and key system, you’ve probably had to make copies of your key for new employees. This isn’t a huge problem when only one or two employees need access to your facility, but when 20, 50, or 100 employees need access, this becomes a little riskier. Why? With every key you create, the odds of an employee losing or misplacing one grows. All it takes is one slip up for a complete stranger to gain access to your business.

But with Access Control, this isn’t an issue. Most systems utilize keycards and fobs. These devices are programmed with a set of rules that grant your employees access to your facility. When an employee loses their device, you can remotely remove the programming, rendering the device completely useless and eliminating any security threat to your New Jersey business.

2. Access Control Makes Removing Employee Access Easy

Letting an employee go can be an awkward and difficult process no matter how good the relationship. It can be made even more uncomfortable when you need to ask an employee for their key. In the best case scenario, the employee will have their key with them and will simply hand it over. Unfortunately, we don’t always get the best case scenario. In some situations, employees will leave on bad terms, even holding grudges against your business. The last thing you want is for someone who wishes your business harm to have complete access to your facilities. The only way to solve this problem when working with a lock and key is to change your locks (which can be very costly) or find a way to retrieve the employee’s key (which can be incredibly difficult).

Fortunately, Access Control solves this problem before it begins. As previously mentioned, Access Control gives you the ability to completely remove access from an employee’s card or fob. When an employee is let go or moves on from your New Jersey organization, you don’t have to worry about collecting a key, you can simply “turn off” their access.

3. Access Control Allows You To Know Who is Entering Your Facility And When

Unlike a traditional key, keycards and fobs have specific identification numbers which are recorded electronically when an employee uses their access device. Anytime an employee enters your facility, a time stamp will be recorded along with their identification number, allowing you to see exactly who is entering your facility and when. In the event of a theft, you will know exactly who was in your facility during the expected time of the theft. You’ll also know if anyone has entered at suspicious times (ie: outside of office hours or when they weren’t scheduled).

If you want a little added security, some security companies (like Supreme) offer customizable access control system cards that can include high-quality, full-color photos of your employees. This will help security personnel identify anyone who might be using an access device that does not belong to them.

4. With Access Control, You Can Set Time-Based and Zone-Based Restrictions

One of the big issues with lock and key systems is that they give your employees total access to your facility. If you want to bar them from a specific area, you have to install a separate locking mechanism. And there is no way to bar them from entering at only specific times of the day. This means that all of your employees have access to the whole of your facility at all times. With Access Control, however, you can set specific time and zone-based restrictions on your employees’ access. This allows you to give access to only the employees who need it and only at the times they need it. In the event of a theft, this makes it incredibly easy to pinpoint who had access to your New Jersey business.

Ready to Replace the Old Lock and Key?

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