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If you have been looking into security services for your company or if you already have a security system, you may have stumbled across the term “process monitoring” at some point. Compared to surveillance, burglary, and fire alarm services, process monitoring isn’t as well known or as frequently offered. That being said, it can be incredibly beneficial to your company, especially if you work with a lot of machinery. So, what is it? In this blog post. we’ll take you through a few aspects of process monitoring and explain how it could be beneficial to your business.

What is Process Monitoring?

Process monitoring (sometimes referred to as environmental monitoring), is a security service that can help you optimize the performance of your operations, monitor critical processes and facility vulnerabilities, and protect your personnel and property from dangerous mechanical malfunctions or weather-related issues. To fully explain what it is and how it works, we will need to dive into the individual services open to you when you employ process monitoring security services at your facility.

*We can not ensure that every security company will offer these exact services as a part of process monitoring. The services listed below are what we offer here at Supreme Security Systems.

What Services are Available Through Process Monitoring?

Temperature Monitoring

If you work with inventory that needs to be kept at a specific temperature, you are probably familiar with temperature monitoring. It is the monitoring of the temperature of a specific building, area, or room. All you need to do is let your security company know which areas of your building should be kept within a specified temperature range, and they can alert you if any areas ever fall outside of that range. This can help you maintain the quality of foods or other goods, and ensure that your machinery (and in some cases, your staff) are working at maximum efficiency.

Run State Monitoring and Control

Run state monitoring and control is a somewhat broad service as it can be applied to almost any type of equipment or mechanical process that you utilize in your facility. Here’s how it works: your security company can monitor a specific piece of equipment or a process, control its run-state, and take time-stamps and report on its usage. This can help you increase operational efficiency, and avoid machine downtime due to malfunctions or misuse.

Pressure Monitoring and Control

Pressure can be an incredibly dangerous aspect of industrial processes, causing damage to equipment and injuring operators when not carefully monitored and controlled. When employing process monitoring, you can utilize pressure monitoring and control for your company, ensuring that you have a fair warning if pressure build-up ever poses a threat to your machinery and employees.

Power Monitoring

Power failures can completely halt your business for hours or even days at a time, costing you precious time and money. However, with a power monitoring service, you can rest easy knowing that your security company is keeping a watchful eye on your power systems. They will immediately alert you to anomalies or inconsistencies so you can quickly address any problems and mitigate damage.

Flood Detection

If you choose to have flood detection as a part of your process monitoring service, your security company will alert you to the presence of water in specified areas of your facility. This can help you get ahead of the problem and reduce damage by moving inventory, equipment, and machinery out of the affected areas.

Natural Gas and Carbon Monoxide Detection (CO)

The threat of Carbon Monoxide and other hazardous natural gases has been general public knowledge for some time, but that doesn’t mean everyone is taking the necessary steps to prevent disaster. When working with the right security company, you will have access to advanced detection equipment, that will sound an alarm when natural gases are reaching dangerous levels.

What Benefits Does Process Monitoring Bring to My Company?

We’ve already discussed some benefits process monitoring services can provide, but let’s take a high-level look at the ROI it can bring to your company.

1. Improve the Efficiency of Your Mechanical Processes

Run-state monitoring can provide you with important data on your mechanical processes, allowing you to increase operational efficiency by optimizing usage. Temperature monitoring can help you ensure that your facility is at the ideal temperature for your machinery, possibly allowing you to run your machines longer and generate more products. These two things combined can help your company become more efficient than ever before.

2. Decrease Machine Downtime

Power monitoring, pressure monitoring, and run state monitoring can help you avoid or reduce the amount of time that your machines are down. Power monitoring helps you avoid losing power to your machinery so you can keep them running on a day where you otherwise would have generated no revenue. Pressure monitoring helps you avoid accidents that could put a piece of machinery out of commission for days. And run state monitoring can help you understand the usage of your machinery so you can scale up or down and potentially make or save money.

3. Reduce Risk of Damage to Inventory, Equipment, and Machinery

Temperature, pressure, and flood monitoring all alert you to things that could be potentially damaging to your inventory, equipment, or machinery. Damage to or the loss of any of these things could cost you thousands of dollars. The return on investment process monitoring brings is clear after you avoid just one of these potential financial losses.

4. Ensure Safety of Employees

Pressure and natural gas monitoring both alert you to dangers that could harm your employees. Without these process monitoring services, you could lose valuable employees to injury, and you may not receive the top job candidates due to an unsafe working environment. In addition, without the proper safety/security systems in place, lawsuits and worker’s compensation could arise.

Are You Interested In Process Monitoring for Your Business?

As mentioned earlier in this post, we cannot be certain of what other security companies offer with their process monitoring services. The lists above are services we at Supreme Security Systems offer and benefits we are confident we can provide. If you are interested in one or more process monitoring services for your business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us here to learn more about process monitoring or get a FREE quote here if you know which services you are interested in.