What is Home Automation and How Can I Benefit from It?


When it comes to consumer technology, new developments and innovative breakthroughs are happening faster than ever.

From fitness wristbands and smartphones to cars with WiFi built in, advancements in technology seem to be never-ending. This leaves consumers asking themselves this question: which technological breakthrough should I invest in? One easy answer to that question? Home automation and “Smart Home” technology. As the technology progresses, different types of vendors, including security companies like Supreme Security Systems, are making it easier to control and adjust the all aspects of the environment through advanced digital interfaces, both in the home and remotely.

Home automation gives users access to control devices in a home via any mobile device, from literally anywhere on the planet. Imagine being able to do anything from adjusting the temperature of a home to dimming the light fixture above a kitchen table remotely. Until recent years, automated central control of building-wide systems was found only in large commercial buildings and luxurious homes. As “smart” products, devices and appliances continue to hit the consumer marketplace, the possibilities seem endless. To better understand the benefits of home automation, we’ve broken it down into three main components – Automation, Remote Control, and Energy Efficiency.


The main component of home automation is, obviously, the automation itself. In this case, automation is defined as the use of one or more computers to control basic home functions and features automatically and sometimes remotely. With home automation, one could program a house to react to time-related commands like scheduling lights to turn on and off at specific times each day and schedule the air conditioning or heat to come on at specific times each day. For example, if you wanted to keep the air conditioning off all day while at work – and schedule it to come on before you typically arrive home – automation makes that possible.

Remote Control

The innovative and revolutionary aspect of home automation is remote monitoring and access. Since the advent and rise of mobile computing, consumers are given the ability to connect to home networks while away from the home via any Internet-connected device. Residential users can monitor and manage a system and remotely perform various tasks such as monitoring the current temperature in a home, checking the current security system status, even seeing whether the lights are on or off. With live video feeds offered as a part of many home automation systems, users can check in on real-time feeds of what is occurring in or around a home and property, and react accordingly depending on what is observed.

Systems can also be programmed to send notifications to personal devices when any sort of irregular activity is detected in or around a home.  Hands-on remote control reaches its full potential when the user begins to interact with a home automation system from a mobile app. With remote apps, users can reprogram a scheduled procedure, reset the thermostat, adjust the lights and more in real-time from a completely separate location. For example, outdoor lights could be turned on remotely from the car if one were to spend an unexpectedly long day at the office, or an alarm system can be turned off to allow for a housecleaning service to enter. While it is nice to have set automaton schedules, in reality, unexpected things come up during the course of a given day, and it’s nice to be able to control the environment of a home on the fly.

Energy Efficiency

The most straightforwardly monetarily valuable aspect of home automation may very well be in the savings found in energy efficiency. With the remote control capabilities offered by home security companies like Supreme Security Systems, it’s possible for homeowners to save substantial amounts of money on energy costs as the ability to alter the conditions in a home from afar is tangible. For example, a homeowner could remotely turn on and off the heat in a home, depending on the family’s schedule, in order to save on the energy bill. If one were to leave for work and realize he or she left the lights on, it would be possible to turn the lights off from the office. It’s these types of features that can save homeowners money in the long run.  According to CleanTechnica.com, the number one cleantech-focused news & analysis site in the world, people with home automation receive home insurance savings of 20% on average. CleanTech also reports that home automation saves the average person $198 per year on an energy bill.

In an era when it is common for typical suburban working parents to manage insanely busy schedules while balancing work, home life and the kids’ activities, home automation is a smart investment to make. The security, peace of mind, and energy efficiency benefits that home automation offers are hard to overlook… and the convenience factor is significant. Supreme Security System will help assess your needs and design a customized solution for home automation, remote monitoring, and energy efficiency. Get ahead of the curve, protect your family and start saving money with home automation.

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