Warm Weather is Here! Don’t Forget About Home Security

As warmer weather approaches and we make the attempt to transition to a more relaxed state-of-being, keep in mind that thieves and burglars don’t take time off. For example, if you and your family leave for a quick trip to the beach, make sure to lock up all the doors and windows before you leave. While you may think that your property is safe in broad daylight because you live in a nice neighborhood, consider that burglars also know when it’s vacation season…and when warm weather arrives, that’s when they’re on the prowl looking for vulnerable homes.

Warm Weather is Here! Don’t Forget About Home Security

If you plan on making a lot of day trips, or even extended vacations this summer, you should seriously consider installing a professional home security system on your property. We have provided four tips below for increasing the security of your property during the summer.

Equip Your Home With a Professionally Installed Security System

A study done by The University of North Carolina at Charlotte found that most burglars try to determine if a home has a security system before breaking in. The same study found that they would deliberately avoid homes if they knew it had a security system, and would immediately flee if those systems sounded an audible alarm. This highlights the importance of having a security system in your home. Also,according to the FBI, the average dollar loss per burglary in the US is $2,185. That amount in most cases exceeds the typical cost of a security system, not to mention the stress that comes along with experiencing a burglary.

Teach Your Kids About The Importance of Home Security

During the summer time, your kids will be home a lot more frequently, which means they need to know how to operate the security system, lock up the doors and present the house in the proper fashion. If you and your spouse both work, your kids need to be well informed about home security. Also, make sure they realize that presenting a dirty or unkempt appearance to a burglar can invite them in. For example, if there are always bikes and toys left out in the front yard, a burglar will likely assume that the rest of the house is also unorganized, and therefore, easy to break into.

Think Like a Burglar

If you start by simply walking around your property and thinking, “how would I break in?”, you could immediately begin to increase the security of your home. Oftentimes, after doing this, you will see obvious paths of entry. Is there a certain section of the home that is poorly lit at night? What about the place you keep your spare key? Is it too obvious? Do your doors have the proper deadbolts? It’s these type of basic things that can save your family from devastation.

Don’t Forget About The Garage

Garages often get overlooked when it comes to home security, but burglars love to access homes through the garage due to the ease of access. If you tend to keep a car parked in the driveway with a garage door opener inside, you may want to rethink that strategy. A burglar could easily break the window to that car and gain access to your home by opening the garage. Also, since garages are typically isolated from the rest of the house, breaking in there may seem less risky to a burglar. By doing this the thief could go unnoticed and, at the very least, case the house for another attack at a different time.

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