Warehouse Burglars Caught on Footage!

Warehouses have long been viewed by organized crime groups as nice targets for thievery, because they typically house valuable wares and they have many possible points of entry. For these reasons, business owners and warehouse managers should always keep security on the forefront of their concerns.

warehouse burglaries

This is why it’s important to work with a professional security company, one that will review and analyze the unique aspects of each warehouse location and regularly test the system to make sure everything is working properly, as opposed to simply hiring a vendor to come in and one-off install a CCTV system and leaving it at that.

Below, we have listed examples of actual warehouse burglars who were caught on surveillance footage. While their likenesses were caught on camera, in most cases, the thieves got away and the stolen material wasn’t recovered.

New York City Burglars Steal $25,000 Worth of Merchandise from Queens Warehouse

According to NBC 4 in New York, last August, police are searching for three men who were seen robbing a supply warehouse in Queens, New York City. According to police, the men cut a hole in a gate outside of Zahner’s Restaurant City on 30th Avenue in Woodside. They then broke a window and used a rope to climb into the business.

The men ended up stealing $25,000 in cash from an office lockbox and then used the same rope to climb back out and escape. A security pro observed that this warehouse could have benefitted from a widely available technology called glassbreak detection. Glassbreak detectors use a microphone that monitors any noise or vibrations coming from the glass, and if the vibrations exceed a certain threshold, a sensor is triggered and the professional security company will respond accordingly.

Las Vegas Burglars Steal Hundreds of Shoes from Charity Warehouse

According to NBC 3 Las Vegas, six thieves targeted a Las Vegas charity that helps kids and teens in need in the Las Vegas Valley, and it was all caught on surveillance footage. The thieves broke into Goodie Two Shoes Foundation warehouse and stole more than 400 pairs of shoes.

The concerning part of this burglary is that the heist lasted nearly 13 hours. A professional security system would have alerted the central monitoring station within seconds of a breach. This specific warehouse actually did have a security system in place, but it malfunctioned, and never went off during the heist. This is why you should always entrust your security to a professional security company and test your system regularly.

Houston Burglar Robs Family Business’ Warehouse

A family that owns a construction company in Houston released their warehouse’s surveillance footage that featured the face of a burglar in hopes that it would lead to the criminal’s capture. The video can be viewed here, courtesy of Click 2 Houston. The burglar can be seen on surveillance video stealing expensive bundles of insulation material and he is accused of also stealing a generator, an entire toolbox and lawn equipment. In total, that inventory loss is valued at over $10,000.

It seems as though this warehouse’s only aspect of security was their surveillance camera system. While it can’t hurt to install cameras, as we saw here, the camera system becomes largely useless if it isn’t paired with a professional security system. If this family business had perimeter protection, burglar alarms and a motion detection system, there’s a very good chance this burglar would have never succeeded in the first place.

Reno Burglars’ Bail Set in Millions After Robbing Retail Warehouse

Police arrested two people in Reno, Nevada after a burglary that occurred at a Sportsman’s Warehouse location, according to ABC 8 in Reno. The burglars were caught after a high-speed police chase that involved the two burglary suspects, who were armed with several stolen weapons. Police say the the burglars were planning a similar burglary at a Cabela’s when they were spotted, but they took off towards California and started the police chase.

The investigation began when an alarm was set off at the Sportsman’s Warehouse, but when police arrived there was nobody on the premises. Surveillance footage showed that a male and a female gained entrance and stole numerous guns and other items from the store. The suspects were caught and the police got a jump on the crime spree, thanks to the security system.

After analyzing these cases of warehouse burglaries, it’s clear that a comprehensive, professional approach to security is the best approach for warehouse. As we saw with the Reno case, even if the burglars do succeed in robbing a warehouse and getting away before the authorities arrive, they will be caught if the proper security system is in place. If you, after reading this, think that your warehouse may be vulnerable to a burglary, consult a local professional security provider in your area.

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