Why Video Surveillance is Essential for Parking Garage Safety

In December of 2013, there was a deadly carjacking that occurred in the parking garage at Short Hills Mall in Millburn, NJ. It was an exceptional event, and as such, has received an immense volume of media coverage; but as we’ve displayed on this blog in the past, there is always something to learn from a breach of security, even in a case as tragic as this one.

According to NJ.com, the victim was attacked when walking back to his Range Rover in the parking garage of the mall. He opened the door of the vehicle for his wife and then walked around to the driver-side door, upon doing this he was attacked and shot in the head by a group of four men. The criminals then ordered his wife out of the car and stole the vehicle.

While this is an extremely sad story, there are some professional security aspects of the incident to keep in mind. The first pertains to the mall’s security presence. According to NJ.com, the victim’s attorney, Bruce Nagel, claims that a security consultant had advised the mall to install security cameras in all parking decks years before the murder occurred.

“That consultant advised the mall years prior to this incident that the parking decks were vulnerable to criminal activity and that security cameras should be installed,” Nagel told NJ Advance Media. “In fact, in the year before this carjacking incident, there was another carjacking and again the mall did not install security cameras.”

Why Video Surveillance is Essential for Parking Garage Safety

This illustrates the fact that parking garages need a strong security presence. According to JournalistsResource.org, a study done in the UK found that installing video surveillance in the parking areas of a commercial location decreased crime by 51 percent. Another cautionary tale involves the alleged lack of attention paid to the security footage that was available. According to Nagel, the mall had video evidence of the alleged killers’ SUV circling a lot two days prior to the carjacking before capturing the vehicle racing out of the parking garage the night of the murder.

“That surveillance video is chilling because it shows stalking and a dry run with another Range Rover,” Nagel told NJ.com. The victim’s wife is currently involved in a lawsuit against the mall.

These facts from the devastating case highlight the exact reasons why it’s essential for a commercial business to have the proper security equipment installed. It is absolutely imperative to properly safeguard the exterior of a facility and secure high-traffic areas in a commercial location, such as the parking garage.

Installing a video system enables monitoring of suspicious activity… before it can become something more serious. State-of-the-art DVRs offer maximum protection and numerous benefits like superior video quality; real-time recording across multiple sites; remote monitoring and unattended archiving, among other features. IP-based video surveillance systems, which utilize a local network and the Internet to transmit and store digital images, allowing you to monitor video data from anywhere and at any time. This can help security personnel and others to recognize suspicious activity, like the dry run Nagel referenced above, before it develops into tragedy.

On top of preventing and recording crime, a professionally installed CCTV security system can catch slip and falls; detect and record exits and entries and visually confirm environmental events like floods and snow. Not only did the mall experience a traumatic event on their property because of a subpar security approach, but they now stand to lose a large sum of money in court due to their negligence. In order to properly protect your business and the people that interact with it on a daily basis, you simply need to have the proper surveillance system in place.

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