Video Surveillance – An Essential Aspect of Convenience Store Security

For convenience store owners, video surveillance is one security feature that simply can’t be ignored. The technology available today allows C-store owners to check in on their business at any time, from any location, whether it be from a computer monitor, a laptop computer, or even your mobile device. Video surveillance systems that rely on cassettes and DVD recorders are basically obsolete, as newer IP cameras (IP = digital cameras with Internet access) offer storage and quality that drastically outperform old systems.

video surveillance

According to Sapphire Risk Advisory Group Senior Director Tony Gallo, the former director of Loss Prevention and Safety for EZCorp and graduate of New Jersey City University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree, modern video surveillance is an extremely important part of convenience store security.

The Importance of Modern Video Surveillance

“The video surveillance system allows the business owner to be home and pull up cameras to view on your phone,” Gallo said. “It gives you information that you can communicate back to the store if someone’s doing something wrong… or even if someone’s doing something right.”

And that’s a key point by Gallo. Often we think of video surveillance strictly in terms of loss prevention, but Gallo wants convenience store owners to remember to commend employees for positive behavior that stands out on video.


Why Install with a Professional Security Company?

Supreme Security Systems offers extensive experience with providing C-stores the most advanced Closed Circuit Video (CCTV) solutions on the market today. Installing a video monitoring system with IP cameras allows a convenience store owner to monitor suspicious activity before it turns into something more. From a single camera to hundreds of cameras, professional security companies can help assess a C-store’s needs, and design any number of different setups that will keep both employees and properties safe and secure.

Combining Practicality with High Quality Technology

On top of acting as a preventative security measure and recording illegal activity, video surveillance systems can help out in practical ways. Video surveillance systems can record slips, falls and disputes, and act as a point of reference for claims. One can also remotely check in on the environmental events occurring at a store.

However, as we’ve highlighted in the past, it’s still important to use practical security tactics in addition to quality technology. The two security tactics complement each other and work best when utilized together.

One industry consultant, Charles Sennewald, believes that practical everyday decisions, coupled with quality technology, present the highest form of security. The author of numerous respected security books and graduate of the US Army’s Military Police School, Sennewald says, “I think technology is important, you’ve got to have an alarm system, you’ve got to have a quality video surveillance system.” He continues: “I’ve operated in this industry before there was even video surveillance and I’ve noticed that video surveillance has a tendency to make store owners lazy. It’s important to still be diligent with security practices even when video surveillance is in place.”

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