Video Surveillance For Businesses: 4 Things Employers Need To Know

The decision whether or not to make an investment in installing a networked video surveillance system isn’t something to take lightly, so, it’s important for business owners to have all the facts at hand.

While installing cameras to monitor locations is typically a smart decision, there are a some laws and guidelines that business owners need to adhere to. Employers must understand the legal restrictions on employee monitoring and develop policies accordingly. Generally, best practices dictate that cameras should only be installed in areas where the intended purpose of the surveillance is to aid in security and loss prevention. A business owner should also take an “expectation of privacy” into account when installing cameras. In other words, cameras should not be installed in places like bathrooms, locker rooms or break rooms. These are some important things to keep in mind when installing video surveillance, for a more thorough breakdown continue reading below.

When installing video surveillance, it’s necessary to take physical surroundings into account. A business owner should consider everything from existing crime rates in the area, to daily trends and routines, to objects that could act as obstructions of view. For example, if delivery trucks come at certain times of the day on a regular schedule, it would be smart to install surveillance in the loading dock to protect the area and prevent theft. If there is a certain area of the store that is obstructed from the view of a manager, it would be smart to install a camera in that area to protect against stealing.

loading dock security

Lighting is a very powerful and often underutilized security tool. According to the Insurance Information Institute, exterior lighting is proven to deter burglars. Eliminating dark areas around a business decreases the odds of a burglary occurring. While cameras can be installed with “night vision” capabilities, it’s still smart for business owners to install motion detecting lights. While the cameras will deter crime and identify the criminal, the lights will further prevent theft from occurring.

Parking Lots
With the constant flow of vehicles coming in and out of parking lots, keeping tabs on the cars and people that interact with a business on a daily business is essential. As with inside the physical building and directly outside the building, certain areas of the parking lot can be vulnerable too. Installing a surveillance system in the parking lot substantially enhances security and safety. Parking lot surveillance can prevent vehicle theft, increase public safety, reduce liability and capture license plate numbers of criminals. Many business owners overlook securing the parking lot, but in some cases it can be the most important place to survey, For example, in a car dealership, all the business’ inventory is actually stored outside, in a parking lot.

Proper Wiring
It’s very important to rely on a professional security company with a long track record and multitudes of satisfied repeat customers (like Supreme Security Systems) to install video surveillance…because one small mistake made the DIY way can turn out to be be very costly. For example, having exposed wires can defeat the purpose of installing cameras in the first place. A criminal can very easily cut wires even if they are located high up on a building. Optimally, a business owner would want a vandal proof mounting bracket to conceal the wires, making sabotage virtually impossible.

A video surveillance system can make a huge difference for a business. Small businesses are often under the impression that video surveillance isn’t worth it, which always seems to be the case until a crime actually happens. At the end of the day, it makes sense for a business to preemptively mitigate against crime and risk by investing in a video surveillance system.

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