Benefits of Outside Monitoring for Security & Life Safety

A completely integrated professional home security system will provide a homeowner with expansive protection that involves many layers of security. The backbone of an all-inclusive security system is the central monitoring station, which is a station that operates 24/7, processing home alarm alerts and notifications. The most trustworthy central monitoring stations are staffed by highly trained operators who are ready to help at any given time. Central monitoring stations will quickly and efficiently process burglary, fire and environmental signals and dispatch the proper authorities when necessary.

When searching for a home alarm monitoring system, one should make sure that the prospective security company is properly certified. Central Monitoring Stations use special telephone and mobile lines, radio channels, computers, software and trained staff members to monitor their customers’ security systems and call the appropriate authorities when necessary. Because quality and experience can vary greatly among alarm companies, it’s important for homeowners to know what certifications to look for in a security provider that offers outside monitoring.


The most important qualifications to look for are a listing with the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), an approval by Factory Mutual (FM), and a “Five Diamond” certification, as designated by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA). The “Five Diamond” certification is an illustrious, annually renewed designation and it highlights a home security company’s commitment to high quality service. The most important quality that a security provider must display in order to earn the “Five Diamond” certification is a commitment to reducing false dispatches, which saves the customer time and money.

An integrated home security system begins with a life-safety information management platform. Today, the optimal home security system utilizes the latest technology to enable the homeowner to manage multiple security systems efficiently. Emergency communications systems play an important role in this process. With today’s technology (remote monitoring, high definition video recording, etc.) outside monitoring security personnel can effectively sift through your critical home security information.

While each element of a home security system performs a specific function, one of the most effective ways to enhance the security of a property is to integrate fire, burglary protection and life safety features into one system that is managed by a singular company. By bringing the management of multiple systems together to a single point of control, you vastly increase the efficiency of a security system. The idea behind entrusting every element of your home’s security to one company is to maximize performance, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

While your alarm system alone will awake and/or alert your family when there’s imminent danger, the benefits of an outside monitoring system simply can’t be ignored. The last thing you want to do is worry about contacting the authorities in a time of need. With a reliable security system provided by a security company with an effective outside monitoring system, you can worry about what matters most in times of need: family.

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