The Benefits of Installing IP Video
Surveillance for Business


As of 2016, most commercial locations of any significant size already have video surveillance systems, however, in a surprisingly high number of places, the analog technologically they depend on for surveillance is extremely outdated. The descriptive “analog” simply means that the camera equipment only serves as a recording device, usually hooked up to a VCR with footage stored on cassettes, just like the VCRs that were in everyone’s home in the 80s and 90s. Not too many businesses use VCRs these days for their security monitoring, but, as mentioned, many still use an analog camera that stores footage with a DVR (digital video recorder) setup. This is better than a VCR, but it still has many limitations.

A fully digital system with no analog equipment used at all describes an IP camera that captures footage, which is then transported over an IP network and stored on company servers. An IP camera is a camera with an IP network connection, hence the name.

No one in the security provider industry would advise a business owner to switch to a fully-digital video surveillance system solely because it’s the newest latest-and-greatest technology. The fact is, installing modern, digitally-based video surveillance can benefit a business owner in more ways than one, and settling for an outdated system can even prove to be dangerous and costly. In the past, a business owner could rely on a camera and a tape system as a form of loss prevention, but those days are over. It has simply become illogical to replace cassette tapes over and over when digital storage is available. Following is a rundown of the benefits involved with installing an IP video surveillance system.

Remote Video Monitoring

Many believe that remote monitoring is the future of the security industry. A business owner can remotely check in on his or her retail locations or facilities whenever and wherever. Remote monitoring, which is not technically feasible for most businesses with analog, uses IP-based video surveillance systems, which utilize local networks and the Internet to transmit and store digital images.

Catching the Criminals

The most recent surveillance technology provides a greater chance of identifying a criminal. As opposed to older videotaping technology, newer digital recorded surveillance footage presents a clearer image and the ability to zoom in to identify someone.

Digital Storage

Digital storage means no longer relying on multiple expensive servers to store footage. With today’s technology, business owners can store surveillance footage in an easy to access digital space with a substantially far greater amount of memory than tapes can provide. Video retrieval time is also drastically reduced with digital storage as it becomes easier to search for and find specific pieces of video.

Address Claims

Some of the biggest threats facing business owners are lawsuits and claims. With digital video surveillance, the chances of a business owner storing the footage increases dramatically over analog, and in many cases, the ability to rely upon the footage in order to address a claim increase dramatically. Video surveillance is also often relied upon in production processes to make sure products are being produced and packaged correctly, and footage can help address any supply chain issues.

Save Money

Though installing video surveillance can seem like a big upfront expense to take on for business owners, the fact is, if capital resources are in fact tight, that means that only the most valuable projects that deliver the highest value should be funded. The ROI (Return-on-Investment)  in terms of the amount of money it could potentially save a business owner, via the savings proffered by preventing loss, is substantial…and any vendor should be able to help the business owner determine an ROI formula that works for that specific business. Also, in the long run, when it comes to TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) installing digital video surveillance is almost always a better financial decision than hiring security guards when the choice is “either/or”.

Enhance Customer Trust

If a customer notices that a business has security cameras installed, they will trust and respect the business more. In addition to the crime deterrence and risk mitigation, this may result in an overall net-add in terms of the business’ reputation. good word of mouth recommendations, repeat purchases and increased visits.

Whether you’re looking to safeguard the exterior of your facility or secure high-traffic areas in your building, digital video surveillance is the solution. With features like access control and intrusion detection, customers can expect maximum effectiveness and security. In this day and age when photos and videos are often relied upon to solves problems and address issues, it only makes sense for a business owner to invest in digital video surveillance.

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