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SupremeVerify – Intruder Alarm System with Integrated Video

We are excited to announce the availability of SupremeVerify, our “video verified” alarm monitoring service. Video verification is a powerful development in state-of-the-art intruder alarm systems and serves as a safeguard for your business around the clock.

A traditional alarm system notifies the police when a sensor is tripped; however, it is not able to verify who or what tripped the alarm. A video verified alarm system, such as SupremeVerify, pairs the security system signal with a 10-second video clip, capturing footage of whatever caused the alarm and notifying the user and alarm monitoring center. The alarm center can then visually discern between a false alarm and an actual intruder present.

The video clip component of SupremeVerify’s notifications serves to eliminate the uncertainty surrounding what triggered the alarm. This in turn allows for a quick response and dispatch from law enforcement when necessary. SupremeVerify represents a significant step forward in the evolution of Residential and Commercial security surveillance, as well as peace of mind for homeowners and business owners.

“We launched SupremeVerify to respond to market demand for video verified alarm systems, which has markedly increased in the past year,” said David Bitton, COO of Supreme Security Systems.

False alarms are common and costly to business owners. In New Jersey, an increasing number of municipalities across the state will not dispatch police in response to triggered burglar alarms – unless the customer has added video verification as part of their alarm system. Police lack the manpower and resources to respond with urgency to every potential burglar incident – the majority of which turn out to be false alarms. Thieves, vandals and other trespassers are all-too-aware of this reality. SupremeVerify provides visual proof of a true emergency situation with real-time intelligence.

“With SupremeVerify, we can confirm to local law enforcement that the intruder is on site,” Bitton added. “The police will prioritize response to calls generated by a video verified system like SupremeVerify, because they know an apprehension and arrest is more likely. Video verification is a win-win for businesses and police.” As a result, when the word spreads among the criminal population that certain businesses and homes are secure and well-protected, the volume of burglary attempts are drastically reduced.

For more information about SupremeVerify, please visit our website or call us at 888-787-7363.