SupremeVerify Video Alarm Verification Services

Verify your alarm with video.

The average police response time is 85% faster when responding to a verified security alarm.

In an effort to cut down on false alarms, a growing number of cities are now requiring visual proof before dispatching emergency personnel. Preventing police from responding to false alarm notifications is a win for your business AND the police because the police can respond faster to verified alarms, and it saves both parties time and money.

In the event of a real security issue, we want to empower police to respond appropriately and as fast as possible. That’s why we’ve created SupremeVerify, the video verification service, specifically designed to further enhance security and reduce the risk for our customers.

See SupremeVerify in action.

How SupremeVerify Works

Step 1

An alarm is triggered.

A video of the event is recorded by your system’s security cameras.

Step 2

You receive a notification.

You instantly receive a text or email. You view the video from your cameras and see what caused the alarm.

Our monitoring center receives a notification.

At the same time, our trained specialists receive a notification. If the alarm was triggered by something authorities need to deal with, we notify and dispatch the police.

Step 4

Police arrive faster to your verified alarm.

If triggered by an intruder, authorities are alerted of a video verified alarm and respond quickly, saving valuable time. They’re also better equipped to handle the situation because of SupremeVerify.

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* The Video Alarm Verification service is tailored to individual customer need. Supreme will complete a free assessment of your current system/equipment to ensure compatibility with the SupremeVerify service. If it’s not compatible, we will provide a free quote to upgrade. Installation costs, if any, and monthly fee vary based on the size of your system.

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