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As a local security company that has served New Jersey for nearly a century, it has always been our goal to improve the overall safety of our community. But while we’ve helped many families and business owners improve the security of their properties, we’ve always felt like we were fighting an uphill battle when it came to the community as a whole. How can one company make a dent in the crime rate? We are proud to say that we have finally found the solution in a fantastic piece of new technology called Community Connect.

Introducing Community Connect: The Security Tool that Allows You to Single-handedly Improve the Safety of Your City

Our team at Supreme actively seeks to discover and learn about new technologies that help our customers. While exploring some of the cutting-edge security tech out there, we learned about Community Connect. This technology allows you to view high-resolution live and recorded video footage from your surveillance system using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. But that’s old news. What sets it apart is the ability it gives users to selectively share camera feeds with law enforcement officials.

This is HUGE for community safety. If an incident occurs at or around your business, you can choose to immediately share footage from your cameras with law enforcement officials. This gets high-quality visuals, descriptions, and details to first responders, not only assisting in initial dispatch and response times but any subsequent investigations as well.

How You Can Get Community Connect

Unfortunately, Community Connect isn’t widely offered right now. In order to offer this service, security companies have to partner with municipalities. Ironing out the details of this partnership can take some time — but that’s where you come in. We are already forming partnerships with New Jersey cities to make Community Connect a standard for city protection. If you own a New Jersey business, you can reach out to your Police department and Dan Jensen at Supreme Security Systems and let them know that you want Community Connect available in your city or town.

Why You Should Take Action Now

Community Connect can help get first responders information faster. This has a number of incredible benefits such as:

Increased Security: Community Connect initiatives in other cities have helped deter crime at participating businesses. In fact, we have seen a 29% reduction in violent crime around Community Connect locations. If we work together, we can keep crime at bay in your neighborhood.

Faster Response Times: Community Connect can help reduce incident response times as police officers may be aware of an incident prior to a call being placed. In addition, officers may have more information about an incident, allowing them to address a situation more appropriately.

Smoother Investigations: With Community Connect you can immediately share recorded video with the authorities, completely skipping any bureaucratic processes that could hold up an investigation.

Increase In Revenue: Businesses participating in Community Connect have seen a 20-50% increase in revenue.

We Will Let You Know When Community Connect is Available in Your Area

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