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Security Firm Offers Customers the Best of Both Worlds

Oct 28, 2015  |  By: Alex Marcheschi, Contributing Writer

Union-based Supreme Security Systems prides itself on a reputation of reliable commercial and residential security that has been firmly established over three generations.

The company was started in 1929 by current COO David Bitton’s grandfather, Sidney, who left a security company in New York City to start his own security business in Newark.

“[The start of the business] would entail my grandfather walking around to his customers in Newark in the evening and making sure that they locked their doors,” Bitton says. “Eventually, that evolved.”

Now, the company is on the cutting edge of security technology as businesses and homeowners alike entrust Supreme Security Systems with their livelihoods.

Evolution seems to be essential to Supreme Security Systems’ success. The security industry has made enormous strides since the advent of the smartphone, and Supreme Security Systems recognized the trend early and adapted. Now, customers can check in on their properties no matter where they are with Supreme Security Systems’ products that are integrated with smartphone apps.

Advances in technology not only allow Supreme Security Systems’ customers to always be connected, but the ease of use for the customer has vastly improved in recent years.

“In the past, we had a bigger learning curve. [The customer] had keypads to work with, maybe they had to remember a couple of key codes to change a functionality in the system,” Bitton says. “Now, they’re going up to their control panel and they’ve got this nice color touchscreen display.”

Supreme Security Systems protects everything from jewelry stores to residential homes in the Garden State. Large-scale warehouses depend on Supreme Security Systems to perform essential tasks like remotely adjusting building temperatures and selectively choosing max security locations.

Something that sets the company apart from competitors is its ability to issue Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certificates on system installations. This means that UL has tested representative samples of the product and determined that they meet their nationally recognized standards for safety.

“We have an interesting combination here in New Jersey in that not only have we been UL listed as an installation company since the 1950s, we also have that in conjunction with our UL listed central monitoring facility … so we can provide high security systems,” Bitton says.

While the ability to issue UL certificates makes the company unique, one could argue that Supreme Security Systems’ intangible characteristics are what makes it truly stand out. The phrase “We’re big enough to matter but small enough to care” is frequently uttered in the offices, and the slogan perfectly encapsulates what Supreme Security Systems is all about.

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