How Supreme Can Help Prevent Package Theft During the Holidays

In 2015, 205 million U.S. citizens bought merchandise online at least once, according to Statista. That results in a lot of packages being delivered, and as a result, a lot more threats to home security as packages are left sitting on front porches. According to the National Retail Federation, more than 103 million people shopped online on Thanksgiving weekend alone last year.

“It is clear that the age-old holiday tradition of heading out to stores with family and friends is now equally matched in the new tradition of looking online for holiday saving opportunities,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay in this blog post.

prevent package theft

Online shopping saves us time and energy, and it’s great, but an expensive package sitting on your front porch can act as an invitation to a burglar. In the past, a signature was required for most expensive package deliveries, but nowadays you can authorize packages to be left without a signature as many families have both parents working. This means that TVs and other obviously valuable items may be sitting in plain sight on your porch during the day. According to The Huffington Post, 23 million people have had packages stolen from residences, and of the more than six billion packages shipped yearly in the US, 40 percent miss their delivery window.

This leads us to the next logical question: what can I do about this?

The biggest deterrent to package theft may very well be a video surveillance system. According to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 60 percent of convicted burglars surveyed stated the mere presence of a security camera system influenced their decision to target a different home.

Supreme’s monitored burglar alarm systems are among the best in the industry. We offer motion detection, perimeter protection, glass break detection and multi-area arming for a complete security solution. Our home alarm systems are properly installed, well designed and easily integrated into other security systems for maximum safety and security.

Supreme’s wide range of capabilities includes digital recording and remote monitoring, both inside and outside of your home, 24/7. Whether you’re checking to see if a packaged arrived or monitoring your child’s nursery, Supreme can customize your video security system to meet your precise needs and requirements.

Supreme can can even set up a sophisticated home automation system that provides real-time video and communicate with two-way voice audio alerts when the doorbell rings. The two-way communication feature gives you the ability to see and communicate with somebody at your front door from your computer or any mobile device.

From a single camera to multiple cameras with DVR, Supreme will help assess your needs and design a system that will keep your family and your property safe and secure.

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