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    Our team is expert in the design, installation and service of video systems for homes, financial institutions, industrial complexes, retail stores, government facilities plus any other user of CCTV systems.  We install black & white or color systems, and systems that can see in the dark or ones that you cannot see at all.  Give our experts a call to discuss your application.

Key Benefits

Black & White or Color
Indoor or Outdoor
Covert or Overt


Matrix Systems
View up to 960 cameras on 128 monitor with advanced computer control matrix systems
Camera Domes
Indoor and outdoor dome applications from drop tile inserts to outdoor, high speed, 360O rotation, remote control systems
End User Installations
We carry low cost observation systems that you, the end user, can install yourself
Covert Systems
Whether you'd like to check up on your child's nanny, or an employee who you suspects in stealing, we have the right setup for you


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