Security Considerations for New Homes

It’s spring and change is in the air. For some people, that change might include moving into a new home. Buying a new home is exciting, but it also can be a very busy and hectic time because the list of things to do and keep track of can be very daunting. One of the items that should be at the top of the list is thinking about your new home’s security. Here are a few things that you can do to make sure that your new home, as well as the people and things in it, are protected.

1. Inspect the locks on your doors and windows.

Once you have the keys to your new home, do a quick walk through and take a look at your doors and windows. Check out each and every one to make sure that they are doing their job and actually locking. Some people overlook checking their windows, but it’s extremely important. Particularly for ground floor windows where it  would be easy for a potential intruder to climb in.

If you purchase a house that had previous occupants, make sure that all of the entry locks have been changed. After all, the only people who SHOULD have access to your home are people that you WANT to have access to it, not the previous owners or anyone that they might have given a key to.

2. Evaluate interior and exterior lights.

Take some time to look around both the inside and outside of your new home and think about the lighting. Do you have enough lights? Are they properly placed? Do they provide enough coverage in areas that you will be using a lot at night such as walkways, driveways, and entryways?

Make sure that the entrances to your home and any out-buildings, have both interior and exterior lights. Consider installing exterior lights that illuminate any large trees or shrubs close to your home, where a potential intruder could hide. Having proper lighting all around your home can help deter criminals who prefer to work under cover of darkness. A well-lit home is a well-protected home.

3. Add privacy film to doors and windows.

The number of windows that a home has can be one of its biggest assets, and perhaps one of the reasons that you bought the house in the first place. However, big beautiful windows and doors with glass in or around them, can also be one of its biggest weaknesses when it comes to security.

If you are concerned that your windows can be easily seen into from the road, sidewalk or a neighbor’s home, consider installing privacy film. Privacy film is a translucent window coating that lets natural light in, while keeping prying eyes out. You can either install it yourself, or have the professionals take care of it for you.

4. Install large or reflective numbers on your house or mailbox.

Having easy to read numbers on your house or mailbox makes it easier for the authorities to identify your home in the event of an emergency. In situations where every second counts, time shouldn’t be wasted looking for your house number.

If putting large, reflective numbers on the front of your house doesn’t match your design taste or the aesthetic of the house, consider putting reflective numbers that are easy to read on your mailbox or another visible structure that is close to the street.

5. Have a professional security system installed.

One of the best ways to keep your new home safe is letting the professionals keep an eye on it for you, so consider getting a professionally installed and monitored system. Every home is different, and so are the security needs of every homeowner. It’s important to have  a reputable company inspect your home and make recommendations about the best home security solutions for your home and your lifestyle.

If you live the New Jersey, consider having that system installed by the team here at Supreme Security Systems. With nearly 90 years of experience, we have the expertise to install, monitor and service a high-quality alarm system that will make you feel safe in your new home 24/7.

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