Securing Your Garage: The Surprisingly Common Entry Method for Burglars


Homeowners might not realize it, but an attached garage is the most vulnerable point of entry into a home. Garages are one of a burglar’s favorite methods to get into a house because of the ease of access. Windows are more useful for the thief to peer into the space and scope out the potential items to steal. In the eyes of a burglar, the garage can often be the easiest pathway into a residence; typically the garages are somewhat isolated from the rest of the house and breaking in may seem less risky to the burglar.

A burglar can go into a garage, go unnoticed and easily gain entrance to the rest of a home. On the most practical level, burglars also love to loot residential garages because of all the easily re-sellable items typically stored inside of them. Power tools, cars, lawnmowers, and high valued items are at the fingertips of a burglar in a garage, the part of a home that is unoccupied most frequently. Here are some tips to take preventative action and secure your home at its most vulnerable areas. The garage often slips the mind of homeowners when it comes to security, and it’s important to properly secure the area that stores expensive equipment and vehicles.

Garage Door Windows

Garage doors and garage windows offer burglars a chance to assess one’s possessions without ever actually entering a property. It is typically much easier for the burglar to peer into a garage door window because there is a small risk of being noticed. An easy way to fix this is to replace your garage door with one that doesn’t have window, or to frost or cover your garage windows for the same result.

Don’t leave your garage open

It may seem obvious, but stories pop up every day of burglars never having to break into a property. When people leave their garage doors open, they leave themselves extremely susceptible to burglary when the thieves can simply walk right up and enter a property. Even if you are home, keep the garage door shut to eliminate the risk of being burglarized.

Spotlight your garage area

Installing a bright light near your garage will deter burglars from approaching your property at night. A spotlight with motion sensors installed somewhere out of reach from a burglar would be ideal.

Fortify the door leading into the house

The door from your garage into your house should be as secure as the front door. If a burglar gets into your garage, the next place to target is the house. Make sure your door inside from the garage is made out of solid-core wood or reinforced steel. This will inhibit a burglar…and hopefully lead him to abandon the attack.

Car Keys

Many homeowners leave their car keys inside the vehicle after parking it in the garage. This is an extremely unnecessary risk to take. If a burglar were to gain access to your garage, not only could they then steal the vehicle, but they would have access to valuable information that may be in the car.

Label your Possessions

This may seem like a bit much, but engraving expensive equipment (leaf blowers, power tools, lawnmowers, automotive equipment, etc.) with your name will help you retrieve it if stolen. Burglars tend to pawn items after they steal them, and a labeled piece of equipment with a different name would inhibit them from selling it….and may even result in the return of the item.

Garage Door Openers

A common mistake made by homeowners is to leave an automatic garage door opener inside of a vehicle parked in the driveway. Even if the car is locked, a burglar can easy break into the car, gain access to the garage door opener, and burglarize a home. While it may seem like a hassle, bringing the garage door opener inside proves to be worth the extra effort.

Install an Alarm System

Many homeowners don’t think about adding garage door control to their home alarm system, but it’s a part of the house just as any other room is. Often, the garage actually stores the most expensive possessions a homeowner has, so why not secure it?

As mentioned, many of the items found in a typical suburban garage can result in big paydays for burglars and stressful moments for the residents. Many homeowners don’t realize the vulnerability that a garage brings to a house, and they pay the price, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Follow these simple steps to add garage security and ensure safety to your home and high-value possessions.

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