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In New Jersey, owning a home “Down the Shore,” whether for your own family’s usage and enjoyment, as a rental property, or a combination of both, can be extremely rewarding… both financially and otherwise. However, like the majority of investments that involve real estate, it can actually become a fairly stressful endeavor at times.

Increasingly, Shore homes are seen as any extremely high-value assets, which makes sense, because sales of shore houses and condos priced at $1 million or more reached all-time highs in 2014. That is even higher than the peak years of the housing boom, according to a study conducted by Drexel University. When driving around the area, this trend is pretty evident: hardly anyone is building modest, easily affordable Shore homes anymore; with luxurious beach homes popping up all along the shoreline.

The hours logged traveling to and from a Shore property from North Jersey can add up quickly. Various home automation and security alarm providers, (Supreme Security Systems among them) offer various types of monitoring systems that allow a homeowner to check in on their property remotely, preserving both peace of mind and time. Supreme Security Systems offers video systems with a wide range of capabilities including digital recording, environmental sensors, remote monitoring and both inside and outside 24/7 surveillance.


Remote Camera Surveillance

Homeowners who rent out their beach houses can also rely on Supreme Security Systems to protect their properties with internet-based IP video surveillance. This simply means that the cameras that watch over the property are networked so that they can transmit high-definition images and video footage in real-time over the internet. This application of security systems technology can be a great risk mitigator for those periods of time when a rental property is vacant; in addition it can be used to make sure that the renter is respecting the contract that was signed.

In one real-world example, cited a situation where a landlord had noticed evidence of someone parking in the driveway and on the lawn of her vacant property. After the landlord asked around, some of her neighbors said they didn’t know who was parking there. So, she had a video surveillance system installed, and found that the neighbors had actually been instructing their guests to use her property as a parking lot, which ruined the landscaping and created a potentially litigious situation. With video evidence she was easily able to put a stop to it.

However, homeowners must be very careful to follow the laws pertaining to video surveillance. The same article cited a case of a vacation homeowner in the Hamptons who rented the property out getting sued for $4.6 million for having cameras in areas that are expected to remain private. According to, as long as the cameras do not record in areas in which a tenant would have a “reasonable expectation of privacy,” there are no legal ramifications to worry about. One should also make sure that no outdoor surveillance cameras can view into or record areas where a reasonable expectation of privacy is assumed.

A professional home security company can be relied upon to install cameras in the proper locations, removing any risk of illegal activity that may be present in a DIY setup. To be safe, beach house owners should stick to installing video surveillance solely on the outside of a rental property to respect the privacy of a renter.

Environmental Monitoring Sensors

Supreme Security System’s environmental monitoring systems can help prevent major damage caused by frozen pipes, for example, by alerting the homeowner (or property manager) to situations that can cause damage, i.e., real-time environmental monitoring can protect valuable documents and perishable items from high humidity or freezing temperatures. Once the event triggers the sensors, the alarm monitoring center will be immediately notified of any damage or irregular activity, and will contact the necessary outlets.

One of the biggest concerns for the owners of beach vacation houses is winter damage, because beach properties are often left uninhabited and vulnerable to the weather during the winter. There are the basic issues that owners of any unoccupied properties have to deal with, including, for example, frozen water pipes, and/or water flowing from a broken appliance, vandalism and glass breakage, animal infestation, and of course, if a residence is unoccupied for an extended period, certain indicators that show that nobody is around that can present what burglars may perceive to be an easy target.

Then, there are the weather-related threats to life safety that are specific to a beach house on the New Jersey coast. Situations where thousands of homes get utterly ruined at one time, like the November 2012 “Superstorm” Sandy are, thankfully, very rare events. However, in a coastal weather environment it’s not uncommon at all for any number of significant storms to affect an area over the course of a typical year. Although very few hurricanes have actually struck NJ directly, each year numerous hurricanes and Nor’easters will come close enough to the Jersey Shore to cause water surges which flood neighborhoods and damage homes.

With all of the home security and monitoring technology available property management companies on the Jersey Shore with multiple houses secure and monitor properties effectively and efficiently. Supreme Security Systems can be relied upon to secure both your residential home and your beach house in one convenient place.

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