Anatomy of a Home
Security System

Our interactive diagram details many of the elements included in most typical home alarm systems. Although every home is different with unique requirements, this diagram provides a good educational foundation on the home security components.


infographicThe Supreme Advantage

When clients find us, they stick around (many since our early days!). Find out what qualities give Supreme a unique advantage.


chartComparison Chart

Choosing a security provider can be daunting. See how Supreme stacks up against DIY home security, independent contractors and nationwide providers…


convenience store security4 Must-Haves in Convenience Store Security

Convenience stores are notorious targets for shoplifting and robbery. Discover four important elements for deterring criminal acts and reducing internal shrinkage in this infographic.


warehouse security5 Must-Haves in Warehouse Security

Valuable inventory and multiple entry points make warehouses a prime target for burglars. Discover the five standards we recommend for our warehouse security clients in this infographic.


warehouse security15 Security Facts Every New Jerseyan Should Know (PDF)

If you’re a New Jersey homeowner, this security guide is for you! Learn the most common break-in methods, frequent burglary months and times, and tips you can use today to improve the security of your home in this PDF.  View Now »


Vacation Home
Security Checklist

You may be looking forward to your vacation, but someone else is, too – the burglar who may be targeting your home. Consider these home security tips before your next trip!


5 Signs It’s Time
to Upgrade Your Security System

Does your security system provide the peace of mind and reliability it should? Look out for the following signs that it may be time to replace your security system.


Residential Alarm Signal Processing: How it Works

When your alarm system gets triggered, what happens next? Discover Supreme’s alarm processing procedure.