Home Security Tips

Common sense usually prevails, but the following tips may help you stay one step ahead of would-be burglars.


Replace the locks when moving into a new home. You never know who could still have a key from the former owners.

Don’t post vacation plans on social media. This alerts burglars that your home will be vacant for an extended period.

Don’t set your address to “home” in your GPS. If your car is broken into, the burglar can easily find out where you live.

Use automatic timers to control the lights in your home to give the appearance that someone is home while you’re away.

Get creative with your spare key’s hiding place and make sure only you and your family know where it is.

Install motion activated lights at each entrance of your home.
Well-lit areas are a huge deterrent to potential burglars.

Install deadbolt locks. This added layer of protection is an obstacle most burglars are happy to avoid.

Installing burglar resistant glass in all of the doors and windows in your home adds a layer of security.

Sliding doors can be more vulnerable than deadbolted exterior doors. Install a metal bar for added protection.

Make sure all of the exterior doors in your home have interior hinges. Interior hinges make it more difficult to break in.

Windows are a vulnerable area of the home. Make sure every window has a working lock.

Don’t leave garage door openers in your car. A burglar can easily break into a vehicle and gain access to your home.

Make sure the interior door in your garage has a deadbolt to protect the entrance of your home from burglars.

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