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What happens when my alarm signal reaches Supreme? »

Click to view a flowchart explaining how our Alarm Monitoring Center works.

Can I get the signal history for my security system? »

Supreme’s Alarm Monitoring Center software keeps a continuous record of every signal we have received from your alarm. If you would like to review this alarm history, including time and type of signal and what action was taken, just call us. You will need to give the Operator your personal ID# or passcode, and the time period you would like to review.

What should I do if I accidentally trip my alarm?

If your system has immediate dispatch to the authorities, call us at 908-810-8833 right away and tell us that the alarm was unintended. Otherwise, Supreme will call your home or business when the alarm signal is received. When speaking to the Alarm Monitoring Center Operator, you will need to provide your personal ID# or passcode.

Why can’t I call Supreme while my alarm is ringing?

Your alarm system will take over your phone line while an alarm signal is being sent. If you need to call our Alarm monitoring Center, you will have to use another phone (like a cell phone).

Call waiting and call answering services can interfere with an Operator trying to reach you. In the event that your alarm has control of the phone line and an Operator encounters these features, they will treat it as “no answer” at your premises, and dispatch responders.

Will VoIP work with my security system?

It could, depending on which provider service you use. For this reason we recommend that before you consider a change in telephone service you contact a customer service Representative.

If you are using VoIP (phone service over the Internet), you need to be aware that if your Internet service goes down, your alarm will not be able to contact our monitoring center. Consider having a radio backup installed if you are using VoIP.

What if I change my phone service provider?

Changing or eliminating your phone service provider can or will affect your security system’s ability to communicate with our monitoring center. Contact our service department to discuss your options before making any changes.

My alarm went off but I did not get a call from Supreme. Why?

Please contact our monitoring center right away if you do not hear from us. It could indicate a problem with your system or your communication method. The monitoring center will have you test your system, and send service if necessary.

How do I test my alarm?

We recommend you test your system quarterly or after you make any changes, like renovations or switching phone providers.

Call 908-810-8833 and let the Operator know you want to run a test. The Operator will ask you for:

• Your name
• The name on the account
• Your ID# or passcode
• The length of time you want your system to be in “test” mode

Trip your alarm, the AMC will log all the signals it receives, and will not take any action.

When the test is complete, call Supreme for the test results. We will give you all the details of the signals sent and let you know if your system is working properly.

Finally, let the AMC know that you want to be taken out of test mode; or we will automatically take your system out of test when the allotted length of time has expired.

How do I change my passcode or the passcodes of employees?

You chose a private passcode upon installation of your system. This passcode is your private identifier which allows you to abort a police dispatch, put your system on test, and communicate with our Alarm Monitoring Center operators. If you want to change your passcode, you must submit the changes in writing, and mail or fax them to us.

The form can be found here. You can also use this form to add, delete or change the passcodes for your employees.

How do I update my call list?

Your emergency contacts are the people who will be contacted by Supreme in the event of an alarm or an emergency, when we can’t reach you. You can update your call list any time, however it must be done in writing, and mailed or faxed to us. Click here to download the forms for Residential and Commercial customers.

Commercial customers can also use this form to update Opening/Closing and Holiday schedules.

What should I do if I'm going on vacation or leaving my home for an extended period of time?

Supreme can add special instructions to your account for the period that you will be away. Call us and request to speak to the Data Entry department.

Consider the following items before contacting Supreme:

When will you leave and return?

Who will have a key to your home? (In the event that the police need access to respond to an alarm)

Will someone be staying in your home while you are away? (Be sure they have a temporary code and passcode)

What does it mean when my keypad displays "AC Power Failure" or "Low Battery"?

Do you have power? If your power is out, your backup battery will power your system for approximately 4-8 hours, depending on your panel and battery life.

If you have power, locate the outlet that powers the security system control panel. Be sure the transformer is plugged securely into this outlet. If the outlet is not working, check the circuit breaker.

If you have power at the outlet and your control panel still displays “AC Power Failure”, please contact our service department.

If you have power at the outlet and your control panel still displays “Low Battery”, please contact our service department. Your battery may need to be replaced.

What happens if my fire alarm goes off?

When our monitoring center receives a fire alarm for your home, we will call you to check if everything is OK. If you do not answer the phone, or if you indicate there is a fire, Supreme will immediately call emergency responders. We will then call the names on your emergency contact list.

If we receive a fire signal from your business, we will immediately call emergency responders, then call you.

Remember, your fire alarm is always working, even if you system is not armed.

What happens if my Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector goes off?

When our monitoring center receives a CO alarm for your home or business, we will call you and instruct all occupants to leave the premises and move to fresh air. Supreme will then immediately call emergency responders. You should not return to the premises until it is cleared by the responders.

Remember, your CO detectors are always working, even if you system is not armed.

How can I get a new yard sign or window decals?

Call us and speak with our Customer Care or Service department. We will make arrangements to mail or deliver the signs and decals to you.

I am moving out of my current location. What should I do?

Please call our Customer Care department well before you move, in order to process the necessary paperwork. If you have the name of the new homeowner/occupant, that would also be helpful. At the time of your call we can also discuss your security needs at your new location.

Can I talk to a live person whenever I call Supreme?

Yes! Our Representatives are her to take your calls 24/7/365.

Are my calls to Supreme recorded?

Your calls to our Alarm Monitoring Center and our Accounting department are recorded. These recordings help us improve our customer service, maintain quality and consistency, and serve as a valuable training tool.

I think my alarm system is not functioning properly. What should I do?

If you have any doubt, please call our Service department any time. We can often help you diagnose and fix a problem over the phone. If we need to go to your location to address the malfunction, we will promptly schedule a service visit.