Choosing a security provider can be daunting. There are many types of security companies, each capable of varying levels of service. Please refer to our comparison chart below to help you understand what to expect.

Independent Contractor
Nationwide Provider
SupremeSupreme’s representatives come to your home and design a system around your individual needs. We don’t sub out to contractors. No pre-set packages, no limits, no restrictions.
DIYLack of technical know-how and tricky installations can render a DIY security system useless. Faulty installation can leave your home vulnerable to break-ins, and you might be unaware until it’s too late. Systems might not work in an emergency.
Independent ContractorInstaller often has minimal skill, experience and equipment. Will likely be difficult to find if you are not happy with the work. Installer cannot be held accountable if they fail to deliver products and services as promised.
Nationwide ProviderOutsource the installation to subcontractors. Pre-set packages to choose from, may be limiting.
SupremeWhen your system triggers, the alert goes to Supreme’s own number, not an outside call center. Our in-house UL listed monitoring center knows the NJ area, and we work with you and local emergency responders.
DIYIn most cases, you’ll be self-monitoring your security system. If you’re busy and unable to look at your phone, you won’t see any notifications.
Independent ContractorMonitoring is outsourced to other companies, often outside of New Jersey. No local monitoring or familiarity with the NJ area guaranteed.
Nationwide ProviderCalls routed outside of your local area – could be anywhere in the USA. May be unfamiliar with NJ.
SupremeOur technicians throughout the state go through rigorous training. When you need service, Supreme is on call 24/7. We have your neighborhood covered!
DIYYou’re on your own for service, or may contact tech support.
Independent ContractorA contractor may be hard to find when you need service.
Nationwide ProviderNot always responsive if an emergency occurs (may only be available 9-5) and you may be put on a waiting list.
Your security is so important it is best left to the professionals. With almost 90 years of history behind us, Supreme Security’s experience, deep knowledge base, and credibility put us at the forefront of home and commercial security. Contact Supreme for your quote today and learn more about our custom solutions for businesses and homeowners.