Commercial Safety Tips

From employee access to fire, smoke and theft, business owners have a lot riding on their security systems.


Prevent equipment breakdown and fires by monitoring your business’s temperature remotely.

Remote temperature controls help prevent food spoilage, keeping your customers safe.

Steam and pressure controls ensure the safety of your equipment, and the individuals operating it.

Keep your employees and customers safe by adding a carbon monoxide detector to your security system.

Carbon monoxide monitors sound an audible alarm well before CO reaches a dangerous level.

Photo identification ensures that entry cards are used only by authorized personnel.

Secured access control ensures that only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas within a facility.

Secured access control can protect vital computer server rooms from unauthorized access.

Video surveillance helps to remotely confirm environmental events like floods or blizzards.

Video surveillance deters burglars and enhances security with visual identification.

Commercial fire alarm systems give employees and customers ample time for evacuation.

Integrated with fire alarms, sprinkler systems are a key part of a commercial security system.

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