Remote Notification Systems

Get Notification of Home Alarms and Home Security Alarm System Events with Supreme SecurityWould you like to know what’s going on with
your home and family when you can’t be there?
To know if your child got home safely from school, if your basement is flooded, or if a loved one has activated their Personal Emergency Response Device? Supreme can not only monitor these events for you, we can send you this information as a text message and/or email - directly to your wireless device or computer! You’ll immediately have vital information you can respond to if necessary. These messages, generated by our alarm monitoring center software, will contain the exact nature of the event, an account name and address, and our phone number if you wish to call us. We even give you a reference number to tell the central station operator when your response is needed.

Supreme Connect, our remote notification service, provides you with the pertinent information you need allowing you to make a quick, informed decision to ensure your family's safety.

Backed by our own local UL Listed alarm monitoring center, you can count on Supreme for reliability and expertise. We're required to meet the quality and service standards set by Underwriter's Laboratory every year, a status that can only be claimed by a select few.

Click here, or call 1-888-SUPREME (1-888-787-7363) to learn how Supreme's remote notification system has helped families like yours respond to a crisis.

Benefit from Supreme's Reliable Remote Notification Systems:

  • Pre-define events and conditions
  • Receive notification by wireless device or e-mail
  • Increase protection for you and your family

Add Value with Supreme Connect Remote Notification Service

At Supreme Security Systems, we offer the most advanced remote notification capabilities designed to help you derive the maximum benefit and value from your security alarm system. We also offer you the flexibility to pre-define specific events and conditions—such as triggered burglar or fire alarms—that warrant remote notification and may require immediate attention.

Mobile Phone, Blackberry, or Computer

If an event is triggered, you can immediately be notified, whether you're in the office, or on vacation, via wireless device. This provides you and your family with an added layer of protection because it informs you at the earliest possible moment when an incident has occurred in your home or with a loved one.

Supreme Connect remote notification service is a particularly effective medium which allows Supreme to attach information such as time, date and location of the incident. Another advantage is that you can forward the messages to other people, such as your family.

Remote notification from Supreme is a priceless tool when it comes to your ability to respond to an emergency. Click here to contact us, or call 1-888-SUPREME (1-888-787-7363) TODAY!

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