Protect the Inventory: Liquor Retailers and Distributors

Liquor retailers need their goods to be stored safely, and under strict environmental conditions… and they can’t afford any significant deviations. Wine and beer storage requires specific temperatures, humidity levels, and light exposure. While beer bottles should be stored upright, wine bottles need to be tilted in order to to prevent the cork from drying out. All inventory needs to be organized and monitored to ensure “sell by” dates don’t pass.

Fortunately, modern security technology can go a long way towards ensuring that these critical processes are followed. With facility vulnerabilities adequately addressed via a comprehensive range of monitoring capabilities that can be integrated into an overall security system.

Protect The Inventory: Liquor Retailers and Distributors

Things to Monitor:


Liquor retailers and distributors can deploy technology that monitors facility and equipment temperatures remotely. Some liquor distributors may need air conditioning to maintain temperature, others may have a critical refrigerated room that protects inventory. In any situation, remote environmental monitoring and protection provide added peace-of-mind that proper temperature will be maintained according to specific guidelines, 24/7/365.

Run State

“Run state” monitoring and control can be applied to almost any type of equipment or mechanical process. Supreme facilitates the monitoring of equipment in idle, run, or hold states as well as time-stamp reporting on usage. Remote monitoring and can help save time and money while increasing operational efficiency.


While offering many benefits, if not properly monitored and controlled, pressure can become a serious safety hazard for the operation of equipment and for the operators themselves. Supreme offers remote monitoring for safe operation.

Flood Detection

Whether from a severe storm or a mechanical malfunction, flooding can cause massive loss of inventory at your premises. Supreme can provide the latest technology in early flood detection, giving you the opportunity to take action before it’s too late.

Natural Gas & Carbon Monoxide

Exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide and natural gas can be extremely dangerous and, in some cases, fatal. Our advanced carbon monoxide monitoring and natural gas detection systems can maximize the safety of your facility by detecting gas – and sounding an audible alarm – well before it reaches dangerous conditions.

For Example: Fedway

Fedway Associates, one of New Jersey’s leading wine and spirits distributors, has long relied on Supreme Security Systems to secure their premises. One of the main reasons Fedway uses Supreme is because of our long-term roots in the Garden State. “We offer an elevated level of specific geographic-based knowledge and expertise when it comes to servicing clients in New Jersey,” says David Bitton. Supreme’s COO.

David Kengere, Fedway’s Special Projects Manager, appreciates the interactiveness of Supreme’s security system.  “The one thing I really like with Supreme is the fact that I signed up for the text messaging,” Kengere said. “So, every time the building is opened or closed, I get a text, and I really like that.” Kengere also finds value by using the smartphone app that Supreme offers. “With the app, you can monitor your property live, no matter where you are, which makes it an extremely helpful tool,” Kengere added.

After the water damage, Supreme also updated the security and fire system to many more zones which gave the customer more specific information in the case of an incident, so now Fedway’s security personnel can now go onto their camera system to see in real-time if there is an active intrusion.
After switching from a nationally based security provider to Supreme, Fedway’s security program has been much more reliable. “We lock our warehouse down very well,” Kengere said. “But, the biggest difference I have noticed with Supreme is that we get far less false fire alarms than we used to before.” Fedway now feels extremely comfortable with their system from Supreme, they use the smartphone app every day, and they know that help will be on the way whenever they need it thanks to the company’s close proximity to their warehouse.

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