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Pager Direct
Immediate Remote Annunciation of Your DMP System!

    All Supreme customers with a DMP XR10, XR20, or XR200 alarm control, can take advantage of Pager Direct.  In the event of an alarm, your system will automatically page you, in addition to contacting us.  Also, do you want to keep track of when your kids disarm your alarm system?  How about knowing who armed your system, at your place of business, and when?  If you even pondered those two questions, Pager Direct is for you.  Just fill out the contact form below and we will return your request promptly.

Key Benefits

Instant Notification
Alpha/Numeric Messages (XR200 only)
Peace of Mind


Description Price per month
XR10 / XR20 $5
XR200 $10

Information Request Form

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