Preventing Home Burglaries 101

Although it may seem like a well-used trope of low-budget horror films, believe it or not, burglars actually are known to hide in their victims’ homes, and a common hiding place for burglars is actually the attic of a home. This is why, as Supreme Security Systems has highlighted in the past, once the homeowner has discovered that a residence has been broken into, the best advice possible is to stay outside and contact the authorities immediately. One never knows if the burglar is still in the home, and often times, if a homeowner arrives back home before the burglar expected it, they will hide out in the home, usually in the attic, if there is one.

Below we have highlighted three recent real-world examples of burglars hiding away in the homes of their targets. Our hope is that our readers use the lessons from these incidents to gain knowledge, and learn from the mistakes of others.

Sicklerville, NJ Burglar Found Hiding in Attic

As reported by on May 19, a Sicklerville man is facing burglary charges after police said they found him hiding out in the attic of a residential home. Police believe that the alleged burglar was attempting to strip copper wires from the home. Police responded to the scene after a receiving a report that an unfamiliar man was seen in the house through a window.

When the alleged burglar realized the police had arrived, he hid in the attic, but was eventually found by the authorities. There are a few things to take away from this incident. The first being, if you live in an area with older structures where copper pipes are known to be present, it would be very smart to invest in a home security system. Copper is extremely valuable and many burglars target them, whether it be piping, wiring or cables. Also, consider investing in a video surveillance system.


Most professional home security companies offer video surveillance integrated with smart phone apps so you can check on your home from afar. And that leads us to our next case.

Tulsa, Oklahoma Burglar Caught Thanks to Video Surveillance Smartphone App

According to Fox 23 News in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a burglary arrest was made thanks to video surveillance footage that was sent to to the homeowner’s mobile device.. The victim told police that he checked his app and noticed some suspicious activity. Neighbors also saw a white U-Haul van pull up to the home.

From this case, homeowners can take away two things. The first being that home security surveillance footage that is available on an app can be extremely valuable. In this case, it saved a family’s home from being ransacked. The second is to always be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles in your neighborhood. If you see an unmarked van, or a rented U-Haul, pull up to an empty home at a strange time, don’t be afraid to call your neighbor… or call your local non-emergency police line.

Georgia Burglars Hide Out in Vacant Home

According to the LaGrange Daily News, the landlord of a vacant home in LaGrange, Georgia, a city located southwest of Atlanta, arrived to his property in the middle of the afternoon one day only to witness one burglar run out the backdoor, and another fall through the ceiling. The burglar had attempted to hide in the attic when he saw the owner of the home pulling up to the house.

According to police, this was another example of burglars trying to steal copper pipes and wiring from a home. The landlord also told police that two space heaters were missing from the home, all in all, about $3,500 worth of items were stolen from the home. Vacant homes are like gold mines for burglars, so it would be smart for a landlord to equip his or her properties, even those without tenants or residents, with alarm systems to protect them when they are vacant.

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