How to Prevent Employee Theft in Warehouses

For the many companies that rely on New Jersey warehouses to run their business, employee theft is simply one undeniable fact of life.

We have compiled a list of four examples of employee theft across the country that have occurred recently in the industry. Over the next few months, we will highlight what to learn from these crimes and offer advice on how to continually improve, optimize, and fortify security system so that it incidents don’t happen again.

“The Camera Crook”

The Press Enterprise in Riverside, California, reported on August 1 that a 23-year-old former warehouse worker is behind bars in a theft case involving 2,298 GoPro Hero cameras that Riverside police say were worth more than $250,000.

The criminal, Anthony Jacob Zent, targeted the warehouse located in an industrial area in Riverside, California. He was caught because just days after committing the crime, someone selling the GoPros on Ebay was approached by police. According to The Press Enterprise, “The subject admitted to obtaining the cameras from a former employee of the warehouse.”

The police eventually obtained a search warrant for Zent’s residence and found over $18,000 inside his room. Many of the cameras have yet to be found.

“The Snack Swindler”

The Monitor reported that that a Pharr, Texas, man was arraigned in connection with the theft of more than $100,000 worth of snacks after he turned himself in to the sheriff’s office Monday afternoon. Sheriff investigators said the man stole more than $100,000 worth of “Takis Fuego” tortilla chips from a local distribution company.

The burglar was a warehouse employee at R&R distributors, the company he robbed, and he took several pallets of merchandise over the course of more than six months and then resold them at various locations in and around the county.

“The Warehouse Thief” reported that the owner of a local shipping company caught an employee stealing $41,000 in merchandise from his warehouse by buying some of the the stolen items back on Ebay.

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The owner’s investigation ended with Richard Taylor, 32, of New Franklin, Ohio facing a fourth-degree felony charge. Taylor was an employee at Hi-Way Distributing in Coventry Townships, after suspicion was raised, investigators placed a GPS tracking device on Taylor’s car with authorization from Summit County Common Pleas Judge Christine Croce. Detectives then conducted surveillance Oct. 21 at the warehouse and where Taylor drove after work. Detectives watched him carry a large box from the warehouse to his car during a lunch break, according to court records. They then noticed a familiar pattern of him bringing large boxes to his car.

“The Art Bandit” reported that a former employee at the Dale Chihuly warehouse in Tacoma has been charged with stealing 90 pieces of art worth more than $3 million. The culprit, Christopher R. Kaul, worked at the warehouse for three years until he was fired in 2013 for an addiction to painkillers. The theft allegedly occurred about a year prior to his firing, as he began incrementally stealing art hoping that no one would notice.

Investigators are quoted as saying that Kaul was able to exploit “horrible” organization and “lax” inventory control at the warehouse to steal the art.

Don’t get complacent.

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