A New Burglary Trend: Warehouse Burglars Using Falsified Paperwork To Steal Cargo

Security and loss prevention has always been a top concern for warehouse managers across the country, and now there is a new trend amongst burglars who target warehouses.

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Cargo theft by burglars disguised as truckers with false paperwork is a fast-rising threat to the supply chain security, and this kind of incident spikes during the holiday season as many warehouses ramp up their tempo of activity. With workers stretched thin by altered holiday hours and managers pressing to get shipments out on time, sometimes standard safety protocol suffers.

Think about it like this: if a driver in a legitimate-looking truck pulls up to your loading dock with paperwork that appears in every way to be valid, how likely is that the typical warehouse employee is going to doubt his or her validity? Couple that scenario with a busy schedule and demanding customers, and it becomes a recipe for disaster.

This is why it’s essential for warehouse managers and business owners to equip their warehouses with a digitally networked CCTV video surveillance system. Whether you’re looking to safeguard the exterior facility or secure high-traffic areas in your building, such as the shipping/receiving dock, Supreme can customize a video security solution to meet your precise needs and requirements. To put it simply, installing a video system allows you to monitor suspicious activity before it turns into something more.

In order to spread awareness of this growing trend we will analyze two documented cases of fraudulent warehouse pick ups occurring. Our first case occurred close to home, Elizabeth, NJ.

Burglars With False Paperwork Steal $1 Million Worth of Seafood

According to Gothamist.com, three burglars with fake paperwork and a delivery truck successfully stole over $1 million worth of seafood from an Elizabeth, NJ warehouse. Gothamist reports that the burglars allegedly stole over 900 boxes of frozen eels with the help of forged paperwork and a hired driver who unknowingly drove the stolen goods back to Brooklyn. This is important to note because the drive didn’t even know that he was committing a crime. The burglars were able to not only trick the warehouse with forged paperwork, but they tricked the hired driver as well. This likely led to a normal interaction when the driver arrived to the warehouse, since he didn’t even know he was committing a crime.

The burglars then allegedly attempted to sell the eels in Brooklyn. According to the New York Post, the owner of Mars Global Trading approached the thieves and said he wanted to buy a large stock of eels, at which point the burglars led him to their own warehouse where they were storing the stolen eels. This interaction was actually a sting operation orchestrated by the NYPD. Once they were led to the warehouse, police found the stolen merchandise. Three men were charged with criminal possession of stolen goods. However, they weren’t able to recover everything and the company still lost money.

Miami Man Accused of Stealing $6 Million Worth of iPhones

According to NBC Miami, a man connected to the elaborate theft of more than $6 million worth of iPhones in Miami-Dade was arrested. A confidential informant told authorities that he had been solicited by the burglar to steal cargo from a warehouse at Miami International Airport, and that he would be paid $40,000 to help.

The informant was told that he would be provided with a cargo truck, a fake Florida driver’s license, a fake company ID card and paperwork that would allow him to remove the cargo from the warehouse. However, the plans fell through. But, the information did help authorities because a few months later the burglar acted upon his idea alone and drove to the location with a tractor trailer, a fake ID and a falsified warehouse delivery authorization form. The shipment was then loaded on the the trailer and he stole the iPhones.

Warehouse managers can learn from these cases by remembering to stay vigilant when it comes to pickups, especially during the holiday season when things tend to slip through the cracks. Couple an attentive approach with a properly installed security surveillance system, and it’s entirely possible to drastically improve the safety of your warehouse.

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