Learning From Warehouse Security Mistakes: A Proactive Approach is Key

When it comes to security, one of the biggest mistakes a warehouse manager can make is to get lulled into a state of complacency. The reality is that organized crime groups love to target warehouses because they typically house expensive merchandise and are often more vulnerable than a company may think.

Sometimes warehouse managers fall under the “it will never happen to me” way of thinking.

Learning From Warehouse Security Mistakes: A Proactive Approach is Key

Inbound Logistics Magazine illustrates this problem via the example of a distributor that experienced a break-in while its facility was closed. The break-in, which resulted in an inventory loss of more than $8.2 million, was perpetrated by professionals who cut a hole in the roof, climbed down a rope ladder and dismantled the security system. The company didn’t realize the robbery had occurred until employees arrived and found several aisles of merchandise missing.

Company executives couldn’t believe that they had been targeted and robbed because they had never experienced a break-in in over 17 years of doing business. Here lies the problem with growing complacent with an old security system: just because you’re not getting robbed doesn’t mean the security system is necessarily working. Robberies are very sporadic and unpredictable, some companies are lucky enough to operate for decades with no issues, some experience a robbery within weeks of opening. Business owners simply need to stay vigilant, but they can’t do it alone. Commercial security providers never stop adapting and updating their technology. No matter how complex or sophisticated the threat to your warehouse, professional security companies can design and build a system to meet your precise needs and requirements. This is where experienced security companies like Union, NJ’s Supreme Security Systems come into play.

“Our area of operation, North-Central New Jersey, is one of the top regions for warehouse operations in the country, and accordingly, our people have built up deep experience over the years. Instead of a false sense of security, warehouse managers can feel at ease knowing that they don’t have to worry once a Supreme system is installed,” Supreme Technician Dan Weidenfeld said.

A comprehensive warehouse security system in NJ should include these basic elements:

Motion Detection

Motion detection is a very important aspect of warehouse security because it’s the first line of defense that can alert you to when someone is on your property when they shouldn’t be. When a motion sensor is tripped, it sends a signal to your security system’s control panel, which then goes to the monitoring center. A professional security system provider will have a central monitoring center that operates 24/7, ensuring that your warehouse is always protected by responding to these type of alerts.

Perimeter Protection

The bigger your property is, the more vulnerable your warehouse becomes as multiple, spaced-out points of entry are harder to properly secure. However, there is a very easy answer to this issue.

“IP cameras, videofied verification systems, glassbreak detection and door protection are key elements of an optimal perimeter warehouse security system,” said Supreme technician Dan Weidenfeld.

With the technological services offered by professional security companies, it’s extremely possible to optimally equip your grounds with the proper security equipment. This leads us to our next set of points.

Glassbreak Detection

Glassbreak detectors use a microphone that monitors any noise or vibrations coming from the glass, and if the vibrations exceed a certain threshold, the sensor is triggered and your security provider will respond accordingly.

This should be utilized by large warehouses with ground-level windows. If your warehouse is very large, you know it’s hard to keep tabs on every corner of the building. With glassbreak detection, you can know exactly when your building has been comprised and prevent inventory loss.

Video Verification

According to Security Sales and Integration, video verification is building on the success of self-surveillance by delivering video to the security company’s central station during an alarm event. Professional security companies that offer video verification can now know exactly what is happening at a location when the alarm is set off and help the authorities react accordingly.

Remote notification via email or app

Professional security companies offer remote notifications that can be sent to your smartphone or email to let you know when important points of entry have been accessed. Whether you’re at home on your couch or at the grocery store, you can check on the security of your warehouse wherever you get cell service or an internet connection.

Controlled Access Solutions

“We protect high value areas by adding controlled access solutions to bonded areas, vaults, jewelry and furrier stock rooms,” Weidenfeld said. “We also install videofied verification systems for exterior protection of copper, brass, trucking yards, and warehouses to catch the perpetrator before they even gain access to the facility.”

A professional security company should utilize controlled access solutions for permitting and restricting access to your premises or secured areas within the premises. In addition to being easy to use, access control systems are highly sophisticated and can be seamlessly integrated into other systems, such as fire and environmental monitoring for maximum safety and security.

This creates a comprehensive approach to warehouse security that does three things:

  • Protects and safeguards people and property
  • Deters and detects intruders
  • Ensures quick and efficient responses

All of this significantly reduces your risk of internal theft, mitigating your exposure to costly litigation and negative publicity. Supreme makes it possible to protect your business with fire alarm systems and smoke detectors that can also be integrated into your commercial security system. Fire alarm systems are imperative to the safety and security of a warehouse, especially because warehouses often store flammable, fragile or temperature sensitive items.

You can rely on these systems to detect smoke and other hazards early on. Also, Supreme offers monitoring services that will detect fluctuations in temperature, run state, pressure, power, flood levels and gas leaks. If reading this caused you to question your warehouse’s security approach, consider reaching out to a professional security provider. The better protected your business is, the better business will be.

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