What to Learn From These Warehouse Burglaries

As we’ve written in the past, one of the best ways to learn about security is to study documented cases of burglaries. In this blog entry, we will be looking at specific, real-life instances where commercial warehouses were burglarized. There are many common denominators in these cases, ranging from the time when the crimes were committed, to the use of fake documents, to the number of perpetrators that were involved. We’ll begin with one that occurred close to home.

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New Jersey Burglars Steal Seafood from Elizabeth Warehouse

Three fishmongers were arrested as they allegedly attempted to sell off $491,000 worth of stolen eels on a street corner in Elizabeth, NJ according to Gothamist.com. NYPD officers discovered the criminals selling the fish at a shipping terminal.

The burglars allegedly lifted over 900 boxes of frozen eels from an Elizabeth facility with the help of forged paperwork and a hired driver who unknowingly drove the stolen goods back to Brooklyn. So, because of forged paperwork, they were able to gain access to a warehouse’s goods. Always remember to double check paperwork offered to you by a visitor.

Three Men Steal Nearly $200K in Produce from Texas Warehouse

Three men were arrested for stealing $190,000 in produce from an HEB Grocery Store Warehouse in San Antonio. According to KSAT, an HEB employee and two third party contractors were accused of stealing pallets of produce and loading them onto trailers and reselling the produce at lower prices.

It is very common for employees to aid in warehouse burglaries. Supreme Representative Dan Weidenfeld has come across instances where an employee aided in a burglary in the past, and he believes that having video surveillance capabilities that allow you to check in on your employees is very important.

“(I’ve heard of) employees selling merchandise when the owners aren’t around out of the back door,” he said. “Or throwing stock in the dumpster and retrieving it later.”

Three People Steal 60 TVs from Wal-Mart Warehouse in Indiana

Three people stole more than 60 televisions from a Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Jackson County, Indiana, according to WISHTV. Each are facing a felony charge of burglary and felony charge of theft, according to The Seymour Tribune.

According to WISH TV, around 2:30 am on a Friday, police were called to the warehouse after an employee reported suspicious activity in the shipping yard where semis are loaded. The three were caught and taken into custody and booked into the Jackson County Jail. This is a case where having a well-trained employee prevented the loss from occurring.

Miami Man Accused of Stealing $6 Million Worth of iPhones

According to NBC Miami, a man connected to the elaborate theft of more than $6 million worth of iPhones in Miami-Dade was arrested. A confidential informant told authorities that he had been solicited by the burglar to steal cargo from a warehouse at Miami International Airport, and that he would be paid $40,000 to help.

The informant was told that he would be provided with a cargo truck, a fake Florida driver’s license, a fake company ID card and paperwork that would allow him to remove the cargo from the warehouse. However, the plans fell through. But, the information did help authorities because a few months later the burglar acted upon his idea alone and drove to the location with a tractor trailer. The shipment was then loaded on the the trailer and he stole the iPhones.

Two Teens Break Into Kansas Warehouse By Removing Air Conditioner

According to the Selena Journal, two teens were arrested in connection with a break-in at a warehouse in Kansas. The culprits are accused of tearing an air-conditioner unit off the building to gain entrance, and once inside, attempting to climb through to the ceiling. The two did an estimated $2,500 in damage to the building, but were not able to steal anything from the warehouse.

This goes to show that even if you have all of the entrances to your warehouse secured properly, you can still be vulnerable. These two gained entrance by dislodging the air conditioner unit. If you equip your building with Closed Circuit Television Video Surveillance, you’ll have footage of the crime if anyone tries to gain unlawful entry into your warehouse.

With Supreme’s Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) solutions, you can safeguard the exterior of your facility or secure high-traffic areas in your building. And not only that, you can have access to that live footage from anywhere, at anytime. Supreme can customize your video security solutions to meet your precise needs and requirements. This way, you can monitor suspicious activity before it turns into something more.

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