What to Learn from a Celebrity’s Social Media Home Security Mistake

The New York Post recently reported that Jerry Seinfeld’s ex-girlfriend, Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss, was the victim of a robbery that can be tied to a social media post.

home burglary

Gruss posted pictures to Instagram from a vacation at the beach and when she arrived back home, she walked into her residence only to find that she had been robbed. There is a chance that the timing of the burglary was purely coincidental, but as we’ve written about in the past, burglars are always on the lookout for vulnerable residences and they prowl social media.

Gruss, who dated Seinfeld in 1993, arrived back from her vacation to discover her closet open, shelves toppled and her safe broken into. According to the New York Post, 300 pieces of jewelry worth $1.5 million were stolen along with four passports and three Social Security Cards. It’s easy to connect the dots and surmise that the burglar was able to complete the crime because he or she knew that Gruss was gone and that the residence would be uninhabited, thanks to her Instagram post. According to police, the thief got into the residence by breaking in through the skylight.

Social media has now made our lives very transparent, it’s easy to find out a lot about someone using the internet. The best way to see how vulnerable you are on social media is to “reverse stalk” yourself, meaning go and look at your profiles as if you’re a stranger and see just how visible your personal information is. If you feel uncomfortable with something you see, then change it.

We have provided more social media tips like this below, continue reading to increase your privacy online.

1. Turn off the GPS function on your smartphone. This is crucial if you are going to be sharing images online. Refer to your phone’s manual in order to learn how to do this.

2. Check your privacy settings on social networks and photo sharing sites. It’s smart to limit your sharing to strictly friends and family. Don’t accept friend requests or follows from people you don’t know.

3. Only let map and directions apps access your location data on your smartphone. Again, this can be done by referencing your phone’s manual and going into the settings.

4. Be aware of the photos you are sharing and when you are sharing them. Uploading photos directly from a vacation is dangerous, as we saw above.

5. And finally, realize that burglars will cross reference all of your social media profiles to find out information about you. If you’re going to protect one social media profile, make sure you protect them all.

According to AdWeek, 78 percent of burglars interviewed in a UK survey admitted to using social media platforms to select properties and plan burglaries. One can imagine that percentage will only continue to grow as time progresses. It would be wise for homeowners to clean up their social media profiles, especially before going on vacation.

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