Learn from These Cases of Packages Getting Stolen

According to The Huffington Post, over 23 million people have had packages stolen from their residences, and of the more than six billion packages shipped yearly in the US, 40 percent miss their delivery window. This means that often times packages can be left sitting on your front porch when you’re not necessarily expecting them to be there. This can act as an open invitation to a burglar, or even someone who wasn’t even thinking about stealing, to come and pilfer your package.


A quick Google search for “burglar steals package porch” results in a plethora of results from news stations and papers across the country. We have picked three of the best examples of package theft to analyze so our readers can gain valuable information about exactly how the packages were stolen, and what the best way to prevent it from happening is. We will begin with a case that involves a video surveillance system aiding in the capture of a thief.

West Virginia Woman Caught Stealing on Camera

WSAZ News reported that a Kanawha County woman has been charged with attempted burglary and petit larceny after a homeowner’s surveillance video showed her walking up to the house, peeking in the window, ringing the doorbell and taking a package off the front porch. The same woman can be seen later on coming back to the porch, taking a Christmas wreath, checking to see if the door is unlocked and taking another package before leaving.

According to the criminal complaint, Davis was caught on camera trying to enter the front and back doors. The culprit made up a false story to police, but later admitted to the story being fabricated after police had the surveillance footage. This is a prime example of why it pays to have video surveillance installed in and around your house.

Los Angeles Woman Caught on Camera Stealing 2 Packages

According to CBS 2 in Los Angeles, a woman caught on camera allegedly trying to steal packages from outside an Alhambra, CA home was charged with burglary and theft. The culprit was arrested after social media messages and “old-fashioned police work” led authorities to her. The owner of the packages came home around 4:30 pm on a Tuesday when he saw Medina approaching the front of his house and picking up two packages that had been delivered and left near his front door. The homeowner started recording the incident on his phone as he approached the thief.

He got lucky and happened to come home as the crime was being committed, but most people don’t experience that type of good fortune. This is why, as we stated above, it’s important to have video surveillance cameras installed both inside and outside of your home.

Orlando Teen Caught On Camera Stealing Package off Porch

ClickOrlando.com reported that a juvenile faced charges after he was caught stealing packages from a porch by a homeowner’s video surveillance system. The homeowner claims that she had a gut feeling to check her security camera feed on her smartphone while she was at work, and when she did she saw a young girl walk right up to her front door and steal a package off the porch.

She posted the security footage on Facebook and the video got thousands of views. The security footage helped police catch the criminal and raise awareness about package theft online. With Supreme, you too can have the ability to check on your property from your smartphone and review footage, just as this Florida homeowner did.

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