Issues With Selling & Buying IoT-Equipped Homes

A new issue has arisen in the real estate market due to the introduction of “smart homes” to the industry. While the Internet of Things (IoT) has made life easier for many of us, as with many technology advancements, it comes along with certain complications. For example, as the Chicago Sun Times reports, realtors want to work with the burgeoning Internet of Things, but when it comes to selling “smart” houses, DIY security installments often complicate the process rather than streamlining it.

Issues With Selling & Buying IoT-Equipped Homes

“As smart as the light switch is, it’s not smart enough to know it’s been sold,” IBM x-Force Red’s global head Charles Henderson told the Times. This is one reason, among many others, why it makes sense to trust the professionals when it comes to turning your home into a smart home.

Those who go with the DIY smart home route often run into a handful of complications, and the customer support that comes along with DIY products is often subpar. The most common complaints from DIY buyers involve bandwidth issues as the DIY products are known to drain a home’s WiFi capabilities, making it hard to stream content on your devices. And often, when people move out of their smart home, they don’t take the necessary steps to disconnect themselves from their old home.

The Chicago Sun Times reported on a situation where the former owner of a home forgot to disconnect his smart phone from his old DIY smart home thermostat. As a result, the former homeowner was altering the temperature of his old house on a daily basis, frustrating the new owner and driving up the energy bill. Usually, it stands to reason, when homeowners entrust the installment of home automation products to the professionals, issues such are more easily avoided. Making your home “smart” doesn’t have to be a complicated process, and the statistics say that doing it correctly can drastically improve the value of your home.


When it comes to selling “smart” houses, DIY security installments often complicate the process rather than streamlining it.


According to The Washington Post, the latest in an ongoing series of research projects by Coldwell Banker Real Estate found that 71 percent of buyers in a sample of 1,250 American adults want a “move-in ready” house. The key figure here is that 57 percent of those buyers looking at older houses say they would consider the houses “updated,” (and more appealing) if the home already had smart-home features in place.

In the same Washington Post article entitled “Buyers say they’re willing to pay extra for ‘smart’ homes,” 54 percent of home buyers said that if they had to choose between otherwise identical houses, one with smart technology, the other without, they’d buy the smart home. And 61 percent of millennials would favor smart-tech homes, as would 59 percent of parents with children in the home.

We talked to one of Supreme’s top security consultants, Colleen, about this topic and she gave us some very useful information. If your family likes to travel, Supreme’s Home Automation systems are perfect for checking in on your home while you’re away. And when you’re ready to sell your house, you can use this feature to drive up the value of your home.

“I find a lot of our customers travel and like to be able to view their home when they are away. Some like to control lights to make it look like they are home instead of being on a timer and going on/off the same exact time every day,” she said. “As for thermostats, they like to be able to control them remotely to save on energy and money.”

And the key thing here is reliability. When you entrust your home automation to Supreme, you know that the system will be installed properly, in accordance with all industry best practices. With the national DIY smart home providers, that simply isn’t the case. If you’re looking to upgrade your home, for the present and a potential future sale, Colleen has a few recommendations.

“Install cameras, thermostat control, lighting control and remote services” she said. “Most everyone wants them today, so it would make a house more desirable because everything is already installed.”

If reading this has piqued your interest in upgrading both the security and value of your home, give us a call for consultation at 1-888-SUPREME. The Internet of Things can be a double-edged sword, and if you’re considering making the move to a smart home, it simply makes sense to trust the professionals.

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