Wireless Asset Protection

Get Wireless Indoor Asset Protection with a Home Security Alarm System for Complete Home Security Monitoring

Guard Your "Stuff"

Although you probably know that security systems are effective in preventing loss of life and property, you may not know about the critical role “movement based” asset detection can play in preventing theft - theft that can occur without a break-in. The offender may actually have a right to be on the premises (e.g., housekeepers, nannies, contractors, guests, etc.).

Enhanced Protection and Awareness

Wireless Indoor Asset Protection Sensors work with your security system to protect your valuables even if your alarm is not armed (e.g., if contractors are coming in and out of the house and an asset is moved, a “detect” will still be triggered and you can be notified). Asset protection can help provide a complete, “whole-house” security solution while enhancing the burglary protection you already have.

The discreet sensors affix easily to any valuable object requiring protection — notifying you with a chime at the keypad or a call from our Alarm Monitoring Center if an attempt is made to move or disturb the protected object.

Wireless Asset Protection Sensors are ideal for:

  • Flat screen TVs, gaming consoles and other electronics
  • Antiques and heirlooms
  • Paintings, vases, sculptures and artwork
  • Computers and home office equipment
  • Safes and cashboxes
  • Wine cellars and gun cabinets
  • Stamp, coin, and all collections
  • Tool boxes

Insist on Total Security

Wireless Asset Protection Sensors are an excellent complement to your new or existing security system —protecting your valuables and providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Backed by our own local UL Listed alarm monitoring center, you can count on Supreme for reliability and expertise. We're required to meet the quality and service standards set by Underwriter's Laboratory every year, a status that can only be claimed by a select few.

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