Fire & Smoke Alarm Systems For New Jersey Homes

home security systems - fireSupreme Protects Your New Jersey Home with Fire Alarm Systems & Smoke Detectors Integrated into Home Security Systems.

A fire alarm system is a critical first line of defense, giving your family time to escape a dangerous fire. At Supreme, we believe you can never be too prepared. Our fire systems offer valuable life safety protection.

  • Detect smoke and other hazards early on
  • Protect your family and property from fire
  • Ensure a quick response
  • Integrated technology with burglary systems

Fire alarm systems that are integrated with environmental monitoring systems provide additional prevention and detection technology. Together, these systems provide increased protection from compounded threats, such as heat, smoke, and natural gas. A comprehensive, integrated system can also provide backup and failsafe monitoring, which can occur during power outages etc. Our customized fire alarm systems provide that additional peace of mind.

Since our specialists are monitoring your New Jersey home from our center 24/7, any alarm whether it be smoke or other hazard detectors, triggers a call from us to ensure that you are safe. In the event that you don’t answer or acknowledge a fire, Supreme will immediately call emergency responders.

Supreme’s residential fire alarm systems are considered 95% reliable*, based on the following criteria:

  • Uses a control unit
  • Has two independent sources of power
  • Monitors all devices for integrity
  • Is monitored by a remote Monitoring Center, 24/7/365
  • Is tested regularly by the homeowner, and at least every three years by a qualified service technician
Please contact Supreme to get your system tested.

*National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. NFPA 72, 2013 Edition, A.29.4.3.