Environmental Monitoring

Get Environmental Alarm Monitoring with a Home Security Alarm System for Complete Home Security MonitoringThanks to advancements in technology, today's savvy homeowners can monitor the environment of their home. Supreme Security Systems offers monitoring that can be integrated with your overall home alarm system. This type of monitoring can warn you about frozen pipes, alert you to water flowing from a broken appliance, or protect valuable documents or perishables from high humidity.

If you are concerned about monitoring the environment in your home, or just want the peace of mind that your home is well protected and cared for, Supreme offers wise solutions. Click here to contact us, or call 1-888-SUPREME (1-888-787-7363).

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Supreme's Environmental Monitoring:

  • Detect system operation or malfunction
  • Protect people, pets and property in your home
  • Feel safe when you are away from home

Add Value with Supreme's Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring complements your home alarm system by providing you with the flexibility your lifestyle demands. Whether you are away on vacation, or busy at work, Supreme's environmental systems allow you to monitor the environment in your home. You'll never need a house sitter again! Used together, these monitors can give your home complete protection.


One of the dangers homeowners in our area face is water pipes freezing. Whether they’re in the garage or the basement, pipes that break due to freezing can cause major damage. Supreme’s temperature monitoring can alert you to dropping temperatures in your home, before it’s too late.


Supreme's humidity monitoring capabilities allow you to protect valuable items like books and artwork, or keep your wine cellar at precise environmental conditions. These items often represent a large investment of time and money – let Supreme Security Systems protect them for you.

Water Flow Detection

Water flow detectors are extremely useful security and safety tools because they eliminate the possibility of damage from a leaking washing machine, hot water heater, or broken plumbing pipes. At Supreme Security Systems, we offer the most robust and reliable water flow detectors designed to maximize the effectiveness of your home security solutions and increase protection for your property and family.

Save money on utilities while creating a comfortable environment with environmental monitoring from Supreme. Click here to contact us, or call 1-888-SUPREME (1-888-787-7363).

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