Supreme’s Home Security Systems
Protect Your Home and Your Family

Our home security systems can be customized to monitor both the interior and exterior of your residence. Whether you need something simple, or require a more complex solution, Supreme will make you feel secure at home.

Home security systems are often an overlooked necessity. The average insurance claim due to theft is over $3,400. Without the proper security system and alarm monitoring, you may be at risk. When you invest in a security system from Supreme, your home will be the safe haven it was meant to be, giving you peace of mind, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Our security experts will carefully analyze your security needs, design a custom security solution, and install the home alarm system that’s right for you. Our solutions include:

  • Burglar protection that minimizes break-ins
  • 24×7 Alarm Monitoring Center staffed by trained professionals
  • Environmental Monitoring technology that helps prevent damage from faulty appliances, burst/frozen pipes, humidity and much more
  • Supreme’s Personal Emergency Response Systems
  • Video surveillance systems that can be integrated with a customized wireless home security system

Supreme Security Systems has been protecting homes and businesses throughout New Jersey and the surrounding area since 1929. Home alarm systems designed and installed by Supreme utilize the industry’s most reliable and effective components to keep your family, home, and property safe. We customize our home surveillance systems to meet the needs of each homeowner. And, if you are moving, let us know early, so we can protect you quickly at your new address.