The Garden State’s Top Burglary Cases – 2017 Roundup

As we said goodbye to 2017, we took some time to recall some of the top media stories about home burglary over the past year. As one of the oldest security companies in NJ, founded in 1929, we’ve seen it all, and most importantly, we put that local and regional knowledge to work for you, our customers. As a family-owned and independent security provider, the only thing we focus on is what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to keeping NJ homeowners safe. We would also like to thank the men and women in our state, local and federal law enforcement, and please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Vous êtes en état d’arrestation!

A group of French teenagers visiting the US on a summer tour were arrested in Secaucus over the summer, after a dozen vehicles were burglarized in the middle of the night. According to, police obtained surveillance footage that captured the group committing the burglaries and 10 juveniles had their passports taken and were charged with 12 counts of burglary and 12 counts of conspiracy to commit burglary.

Reality Star Endures violent home invasion and robbery

As we covered in a blog post earlier this year, former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dina Manzo’s Holmdel home was burglarized. Manzo and her boyfriend surprised 2 intruders in June of 2017. As of January 2018, there were no arrests, and a police investigation is ongoing.

Plainfield man exploits bail reform measure, gets arrested 12 times in 2 months

Under NJ’s new bail reform system, arrestees are no longer set free or held until trial based on an ability to raise bail. Judges instead use a rating system to determine the “level of danger or flight risk” of defendants in order to determine their status as they await trial. Apparently, Mountainside Lt. Joseph Giannuzzi does not agree with the new setup. After catching a man ransacking a resident’s bedroom and learning how many times he had been arrested and set free by different judges in Union and Middlesex counties, he told “I guess burglars are not deemed a threat under the new law, but to me they are still a threat to the public. They have no idea if someone is home. How long will this go on before he encounters someone and becomes violent?”

The Helpful Home Invader

Last August, a clearly deranged man was reported to have been arrested after breaking into a house in Hackensack and, inexplicably, decided to both remove all his clothing and wash some dirty dishes that were piled up in the kitchen sink. A 21-year old woman, at home at the time, was not hurt and nothing was stolen.

The Garden State’s Top Burglary Cases - 2017 Roundup

The “Hipster Home Invader”

A Newark man was arrested after committing a home invasion robbery in Belleville in May of 2017. The robber was described as wearing a fedora-like hat. Security footage lead police to suspect, who found the hat in the suspect’s house. According to, Detectives were able to further identify the suspect from a New Jersey State Police composite sketch of the man and his fedora, which was distributed on social media.

Surveillance video connects burglar to murder case

According to the Courier-Post, a man in Gloucester County broke into a home that was thought to be unoccupied, resulted in a woman housesitting being beaten to death. Two young children were inside the home when the slaying occurred but weren’t hurt, authorities said.

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