Why Our Company Culture is So Crucial to Our Success

The importance of company culture as a topic has begun to pick up steam recently in the press. Outlets from Forbes to Entrepreneur have written about the significance of culture in the workplace, and we here at Supreme agree…a great culture is essential to a successful company. As Entrepreneur puts it, “company culture is more important than ever. It’s not that company culture was ever unimportant, but it’s quickly proving to be a ‘must-have’ rather than a “nice-to-have.’”

Why Our Company Culture is So Crucial to Our Success

As Ralph Waldo Emerson so eloquently stated, “success comes from within, not from without”, and that’s why our internal commitment to great customer service, through a respect for people, places and pricing structures, is at the heart of everything we do. Before we get into the details of our company culture here at Supreme, let’s first highlight how important culture is by examining some recent cases where it was severely lacking.

A few weeks ago we saw what happened when United Airlines had a passenger violently removed from a flight after he refused to give up his seat for commuting crew members. The video of the removal went viral and it essentially peeled back the curtain and gave customers a frightening look into United’s culture and value system. As a result of the violent act, United’s brand value and stock price plummeted.

Also, last year, Wells Fargo’s CEO resigned after it was revealed that bank sales reps took customer information and opened millions of unauthorized accounts in an effort to hit sales targets and receive bonuses. If both United and Wells Fargo had established the idea that a solid company culture relying upon a customer-first approach was the optimal way to do business, these catastrophes could have been avoided. When companies get culture right, outstanding customer service and great brand recognition naturally follow, and that’s why we have instilled our aforementioned three-pronged approach to creating culture.


Our company culture begins with hiring the right people, and while that sounds extremely logical, it’s not easy to do. Supreme technicians are highly skilled and we invest resources to ensure they’re trained to stay up on the latest advancements in tech. Compared to industry averages, we boast a low-rate of employee turnover. This low rate of turnover can be traced back to the Emerson quote, success truly comes from within and our company culture shows our employees that they are key elements to our success. Because we treat our employees with respect, they in turn treat you, the customer, with respect. It’s essential that our new hires have the right problem-solving, customer-oriented mentality and we have a tried and true approach to hiring that has set the foundation of our company on strong ground.


The second aspect of our great company culture revolves around places. We have been servicing customers in the same region since we started back in 1929. Our Alarm Monitoring Center is headquartered in New Jersey, and as a result, we offer an unbridled service to our customers because we truly know the region they call home. Unlike national security providers, or DIY equipment manufacturers who sell online through giant home-center chains, our field sales, field tech and monitoring center employees offer great care to our customers, who also happen to be our neighbors and friends. At Supreme, we like to say we’re big enough to matter, but small enough to care.

Pricing Structure

The final aspect of the Supreme company culture involves our pricing structure. While the big national security firms give quotes over the phone based on a formula designed to simply generate the biggest profit, we don’t give price quotes over the phone, because we consider each person or business’ situation to be unique. National firms may pressure customers with sales tactics designed to work over the phone, but our approach is different: we diagnose the customer’s property to determine what the best protection would be before we give a quote. Unlike with national firms, there is a lot of information and preparation behind a Supreme quote as we consider everything from the number of rooms in a building to the number of windows accessible via the roof. In fact, we don’t refer to our staff as sales people – they’re security consultants, because they’re expected to interact with the customer in a primarily consultative role.

At Supreme, our customers are our partners, and we work with them to develop the best security solution for their property. People, places and pricing structures form the backbone of our operation, but a genuine interest in security and a concern for the safety of our community is at the heart of what we do. Our customer-first culture has been molded for nearly a century, and we are proud to serve the great state of New Jersey.

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