Process & Environmental Monitoring

Get Environmental Alarm Monitoring with a Commercial Security System for Complete Alarm System Monitoring Process and environmental monitoring is crucial for maximum protection of sensitive materials and/or operations, and for optimizing performance. At Supreme Security Systems, our comprehensive range of process and industrial monitoring capabilities can be integrated with your overall commercial security system. Critical processes and facility vulnerabilities can be monitored to ensure that your business and property is protected both from intrusion and internal mechanical malfunction. Our detection mechanisms can also analyze the performance of various operations that are vital to your company. Supreme can monitor as well as remotely control almost any system with dry contacts.

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Reap the Benefits of Supreme's Process & Environmental Monitoring:

  • Detect system compromise or malfunction
  • Protect people, property and equipment on premises
  • Ensure critical operations run smoothly
  • Enable off-site and after-hours monitoring

Add Value with Supreme's Process & Environmental Monitoring

Process and environmental monitoring serve two very important purposes for your business. They can be a life saver in times of emergency, and they also help you to increase operational efficiency and control costs. Supreme's advanced technology and proven achievement of almost 80 years in commercial security systems gives us the credibility you need in a security and process management partner. We utilize technology from leading manufacturers along with a highly trained alarm monitoring center staff capable of monitoring complex processes 24x7. At Supreme, we take the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on other important areas of your business.


Supreme Security Systems can monitor and control facility or equipment temperature remotely. Whether you have an office that needs air conditioning or heating systems to maintain temperature or if you have a critical refrigerated room that protects your inventory, we can provide you with the added peace of mind that your business is being looked after.

For food distribution, manufacturing, and other industrial processes temperature is a critical element in the success of their business. Supreme can monitor the temperature according to your specific guidelines around the clock.

Tank Level

For industrial environments, many business processes rely on manufacturing with the use of fuel, chemicals or other critical substances stored in tanks. Supreme Security Systems can monitor tank levels for any substance to ensure ongoing operation of equipment while protecting the facility and people in the operating environment.

Supreme enables you to control and monitor usage, identify variances, forecast delivery needs and aid in environmental compliance. Automated monitoring can save time and money as well as protect equipment and on-site workers through an added level of security.

Run State

Run state monitoring and control can be applied to almost any type of equipment or mechanical process. Supreme facilitates the monitoring and control of run state equipment as well as time-stamp reporting on usage.

For manufacturers utilizing automated machinery to build their business, 24x7 monitoring of their run state is absolutely critical. Remote monitoring and control can help save time and money while increasing operational efficiency.


Steam and pressure can be a necessary part of an industrial process, or the outcome of one. While offering many benefits, if not properly monitored and controlled, pressure can become a serious safety hazard for the operation of equipment and for the operators themselves. Supreme Security Systems offers remote monitoring for high, low and safe operation and can also control the run state in critical situations.


Power failures can be a nuisance, but they can also be detrimental to businesses. Halting critical processes from manufacturing to computer and telephone access, power failures can put your business at risk for loss of revenue, not to mention upsetting customers. Supreme can monitor your power systems and alert you to any anomalies in the power supply so they can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

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