business security systems - fireProtect Your Business with Fire Alarm Systems & Smoke Detectors that are Integrated into Your Commercial Security System.

Fire alarm systems are imperative to your safety, your employees safety, and the overall welfare of your business. Supreme can design a fire system that suits the needs of your business and addresses any potential risks that may exist due to daily operations. We’ll work with you to determine the right mix of technology for your environment and leverage integration for maximum fire/life safety protection.

A fire alarm system will:

  • Detect smoke and other hazards early on
  • Alert employees and provide time for evacuation
  • Ensure quick and efficient response to any emergency
  • Protect life and property

In addition, Supreme’s comprehensive fire systems enhance the security and safety of your employees and business with:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Fire drill capabilities
  • Testing & Inspection

Together, they can be integrated to create a safe environment throughout your facility at all times.

Enhance safety with water flow detection

Water flow detectors, which are installed on fire alarm sprinkler systems, monitor the flow of water to sprinkler heads with a specially designed paddle. Water flow detectors are extremely useful security and safety tools because they detect sprinkler malfunctions. At Supreme Security Systems, we offer the most sensitive and reliable water flow detectors designed to maximize the effectiveness of your security solutions and increase protection for your property and personnel.